Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) Chapter 2

Chapter 2- From A Simple Princess To A Shrewd Politician!

The court had been set , the ministers were waiting for the Sultan , the derbaan came in and announced that the Sultan is going to enter the courtroom , all the ministers raised from their respective seats , Razia then arrived at the court , she graciously walked to her throne and sat on it , the ministers then sat back on their respective seats , one of the ministers raised from his seat and said after giving Razia a slaam “Sultan , this year due to less rain , the farmers are suffering from heavy loss , they want the annual taxes to cut short this year.”
“Hmmm , I see , make an announcement on my behalf that no farmer is needed to give any tax this year , also , if anybody is caught extracting taxes from them , he must be presented before me and if I do not get any just answer , everybody know what would be his fate.” Razia said with a frown.
Yakut then raised from his seat and said after giving her a salaam “ Sultan , some sought of disturbances have been reported in the Deccan region , and as far as my experience says , this needs immediate attention.” he said in a deep voice “ We shall discuss the matter later . Do not worry , the matter would get immediate attention.” Razia said with a faint smile. She then raised from her throne and declared “ For now , the session is over , but please be prepared for an urgent call that might happen.”. The ministers raised from their seats and bowed before her , Razia then bowed her head slightly and left the court with the same grace.

Reaching her chamber , Razia undid her clothes , she changed into her casual attire . She wore a peach coloured combined with off white coloured attire. It was her time to relax , she went towards the balcony to enjoy the cool breeze of autumn nights , the sky was clear and the full moon lit the sky with it’s glow.
Razia’s P.O.V-
5 years , it has been 5 years since you left Mirza , since Fatimah left , since Nasir bhaijaan was handed over the responsibility of Ghazni and five years since we separated , 5 years and in all these days , all these seasons and years , there has not been a single day when I didn’t remember you , when I didn’t remember us , our love.
(End of pov)
A single tear escaped one of her eyes followed by another and in no time , she fell on her knees weeping like a helpless lost maiden , “ Kyun Mirza , kyun humaaray mohabbat ko ayisi saza di , kyun ek baar bhi peechay murkar dekha nahi aapnay , hum toh wahi khadey thay , kyun aap muaffi mangnay ke liay itnay saalaon mai ek baar bhi nahi aaye , kyun yoon he humain akela chad diya , kyun?” (Why Mirza , why did you give our love such a punishment , why didn’t you turn back even once , I was standing there only , why didn’t you come to ask for forgiveness even once in so many years , why did you leave me alone like that only?Why?)

Just then she heard a knock at the door , “ Razia , it’s me , Yakut.” Yakut called for her from the other side of the door . Wiping up her tears as quickly as possible and plastering a fake smile on her face , she opened the door , but all her efforts to hide her agony went futile as as soon as Yakut saw her , he frowned and asked “ You were crying right.” Razia opened her mouth to deny but Yakut interrupted “ Don’t try that , I know you in and out. Was remembering him?” he asked , “ What’s the need to ask if you know that , anyways , anything important that brought you here?” she diverted the topic “Hmmm, I wanted to discuss about Deccan issue .” He said in a serious tone “ I know and my sources have reported that one of the minsters , not from the court but one who has lower designation is infuriating the issue.” she said in a low voice “So now?” Yakut asked , quite obvious of the reply “ You know Yakut that I hate betrayal . Make sure the assassins hide away or bury his body far away from , Dilli , his family shouldn’t face any sought of crises. “ she said narrowing her eyes. “ As you wish .” with these words Yakut left the chamber.
Time and conspiracies had turned a simple warrior princess into a tough to break , shrewd Sultan , who loved her sultanate and her people like anything but at the same time was ruthless to the betrayers and her enemies.
So , done with the first chapter of season 2 . Please do comment guys it means a lot for me.


  1. Pooja

    Awesome episode…amazing dialogues…fabulous anumita….I hope soon mirza will be back….felt bad for razia ..tysm anumita

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