Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) Chapter 2 (continued)

Chapter 2 continued

After having a hearty lunch with his family Rana Bhanu went to his chamber to take some rest . He went to the huge balcony of his chamber , the sun shone intensely and the arid soil of Ajabgarh danced with the breeze caressing it . “5 years , it has been 5 years since Fatimah is with us but not even once , in these 5 years King Nasir or Sultan Razia had even bothered to even try to find her. “ he thought in his mind. Just then a royal messenger knocked the already opened doors of his chamber pulling him out of his thoughts “Ranaji , Pranam , Dilli Sultanate’s most powerful Subedaar , Nasirudeen has sent an invitation for you and your family. A grand fest has been organized in Ghazni to celebrate the Sultanate’s victory over the Afgaans . The fest and celebrations would take place tomorrow evening at the Ghazni Palace.” the messenger read out the invitation. Just then , Rani Anuja also entered the chamber with a glass of milk with her. “Hmm… you may leave now.” Rana Bhanu ordered and the messenger left after greeting the queen. “What have you decided?” asked a curious Anujabai “We shall go there, but it’s upto Fatimah whether she wants to come or not.” Rana Bhanu replied “But , Ranaji , after all it’s Nasirudeen , our Rajshree’s husband and the way she was insulted 5 years back whatever had happened , if my daughter comes to know….” Anujabai was cut in between by Bhanu “She’s even my daughter , I want to go there to see , if he had really forgotten her ….may be we are missing out something and if my assumptions are wrong , I want to see how many wives he has. On this basis we shall take our decision on Rajshree’s future but , the final decision will be only and only hers.” he said to his wife Anujabai silently gave her consent , because she knew that he was right. “Rajshree is not going , please do not even inform her , she was looking so happy today , I don’t want to see tears in her eyes.” Anujabai requested “ As you wish.” Bhanu replied.

Fatimah was enjoying a stroll in the palace garden , she was sitting on a huge swing and was enjoying the flowers that fell from the tree directly on her , a few steps away was an artificially built lake that had lotuses and floating on it’s surface , she was never bored by the garden , for a few moments , she almost forgot about her horrible past , she closed her eyes to enjoy the sweet scents of the seasonal flowers around her , but to her dismay , as soon as she closed her eyes , Nasir’s face and flashes of her past appeared before her , she immediately opened her eyes, she found herself sweating profusely “Why can’t I just get over my past!” she slammed her fist on the surface of the swing in frustration , as a result , her glass bangles broke into pieces and blood started to flow from her wrist
Fatimah’s POV – 5 years , yes five years have passed and even after so many years I feel the same for that person , for that man , who had hurt me the most. Nahi Shezaadey Nasir , hum aapko jeetnay nahi dengay dekhlena , ek na ek din , hum apney atteet se bahar zaroor niklengay aur usay peechay chod dengay . Yeh humaara waada raha aapsay ( No Prince Nasir , I won’t let you win, you’ll see , one day , I’ll emerge out of my past and leave it behind. This is my promise to you).
(end of pov)

Royal palace , Dilli-

“Kuch bhi chootna nahi chaheaay , poori tayiyaari ke saath humay rawana hoona hain. (Nothing should be left behind , we have to leave with full arrangements.” Razia instructed the soldiers “Yakut , this is your responsibility to supervise all the arrangements.” she said to Yakut , who was standing beside her “Ji Sultan.” Yakut replied. Just then a maid came in and said after greeting Razia “ Sultan , your Naanijaan has called for you immediately.” Razia frowned and turned towards Yakut “Take care of the rest , I’ll return in a moment.” excusing herself she went with the made towards her Naanijaan’s chamber. “Naanijaan ! Aapnay bulaya humain ? (Naanijaan , you called me )’ she said while entering the chamber “ Haan , meri bacchi . Ek khush khabri hain (Yes my child , ther’s a good news ). Shazia is pregnant with her third child.” her Shamshaad replied “Saach Nanijaan ? Yeh toh bahut khushi ki baat hain , Naanijaan hum bahut khush hain , hum firsay mausi banney waaley hain ( Really Naanijaan?This is a very good news Naanijaan , I am very happy , I am going to become an aunt again).” Razia said hugging her Naanijaan “But , I’ve heard that you are again going for a battle , and this time in Deccan ?” Shamshaad asked Razia “Yes Naanijaan , I am I have to , but don’t worry , I’ll be back soon” Razia replied as her smile faded away “Aur kitna Razia , in 5 saalon may , n jaaney kitney jung lad chuki ho , inhi sab may doobi rehti ho tum . ( How long Razia , in these five years , don’t know how many battles you’ve fought , you are always busy in these things.) .’ Shamshaad asked in a broken voice “ Aur kya karey Naanijaan , khud ko un yaadoon say door rakhney ke liay kuch toh karna he padega (What else should I do Naanijaan , to keep myself away from those memories , I have to do something ) Shamshaad smiled and caressed Razia’s hair “May you return with the flag of victory.” she said and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Precap – Razia reaches Deccan with Yakut and her troops. On the other hand , Rana Bhanu and Rani Anujabai reaches Ghazni where Nasir welcomes them.


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