Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) Chapter 2


First of all let me apologize about typos since the previous chapter was ‘chapter1′ not 2 and this is chapter 2 .
Chapter 2 – New Beginnings!

Royal Palace , Ghazni –

“ Long Live Subedaar Nasiruddin! Long Live Razia Sultan ! “ People of Ghazni had gathered before the royal place of Ghazni and were cheering for their king and their Sultan . Nasir appeared before them , in the balcony meant for his public appearances he raised his hand with a smile to address them “ With all your prayers and incredible display of bravery by the soldiers of Ghazni we have finally managed to drive away the Afgans eying Ghazni and the Dilli Sultanate. So , to celebrate our victory , a feast would be organized at the Deewan-e-Aam as well as at the Deewan-e-Khaas , tomorrow evening , everybody is invited at the Deewan-e-Aam!” he announced with a loud deep voice. The people cheered in happiness. Seeing his subjects’ joy , a smile curved on Nasir’s handsome face and he left with the smile.
Shoheb , one of Nasir’s favorite ministers and cousin joined him at the corridor when he was on his way towards his chamber “ Salaam Bhaijaan!” he greeted Nasir , “Salaam Shoheb , how are you?” Nasir greeted him back.

Shoheb-“ Bhaijaan , I wanted to discuss a very important matter with you.”

Nasir- “Yes , I am all ears “

Shoheb – “Bhaijaan , what’s your take on marriage?”

Nasir- “ So you want to remarry , Did you tell Salima? After all she’s your first wife.”

Shoheb -“No bhaijaan not my marriage but…. yours , why don’t you just forget bhabhijaan. It has been 5 years you are searching for her and we have got not a single clue about her.”

Hearing this Nasir frowned and said “ I have a wife and I am not going to remarry , Fatimah is was and shall always remain my only wife.” he said sternly “ What wife Bhaijaan , where’s she and who was she a mere slave.. sh..” before Shoheb could complete , Nasir raised his hand , his eyes had flames of anger “Not… a word against my wife…Not even a single word.” he said in a low dangerous voice and left a baffled Shoheb behind. May be Shoheb was too young to fathom the depth of Nasir’s love.
Ajabgarh (Imaginary name) royal palace , Rajasthan-

The royals and the people of Ajabgarh were in a festive mood , it was the day of Rakshabandhan . There was a great hustle and bustle at the palace. The prime queen Anujabai was busy decorating the thaals (Big plates , usually made of silver gold or copper) “ Go and call Rajshree , her her brothers and other sisters are waiting for her.” she ordered one of her maids , the maid bowed and went out of the hall towards princess Rajshree’s chamber. Reaching her chamber , she gently knocked the closed doors “Baisa (a term used for highstaus women usually of royal families , mostly in Rajasthan. It was used long ago) Baisa , Ranisa had called for you .” she called “ Let me finish worshiping my Kanhaji , wait , I’ll come in a moment.” Rajshree replied from her chamber. In the chamber , there was a beautiful idol of Lord Krishna on one side , while there was Qur’an on the other side placed just beside the idol with diligence . Princess Rajshree finished her prayers and opened her beautiful eyes , her skin tone was a bit different from the other Rajputs , she was fair , with rose pink lips , her skin was a bit tanned and appeared a little dusky , that made her look simply gorgeous. Opening the doors , she found the maid eagerly waiting for her. “ Here , see I’ve come let’s go now.” she said with a smile “ Jaldi Baisaa (Quick Baisa) we are late.” the maid said to her and the both rushed towards the festive hall . Reaching there , Rajshree found that everyone had already reached there ‘Hai Allah! “ she murmured “Where were you Rajshree , anyways come , everyone is waiting” Rana Bhanuday , the king of Ajabgarh said “Ji pitaji (Yes father) Rajshree said and joined others . Rajshree was the first to tie rakhi on her brothers’ hands as she was their only sister , all other princesses were their cousins. After the ceremony was over everybody sat together to have the lunch “Shree(Rajshree) what gift do you want?” Rajdeep , her eldest brother asked “Bhaijaan , I’ll ask for it later this evening for now , there’s nothing in my mind .” Rajshree answered. . “ In these five years , we couldn’t even realise when you became an inseparable part of our family. At times I forget your real name . Fatimah right?” Anjubai said in between “Maa , you are my mother and Ranaji is my father , you all are my family now . My past is the past , it has nothing to do with my future and present.” Rajshree said with an assuring smile. “ Yes of course , she’s my daughter , my only daughter.” Rana Bhanu said “ And our only sister Pitaji.” Kararnveer , Rajshree’s (Fatimah’s) another brother added. Together they shared a delicious lunch.
Yes , Fatimah is only Rajshree , the glory and pride of Ajabgarh and the royal family. When she was laying unconcious on a dusty path , more dead than alive , it was Rana Bhanuday and his sons , who rescued her and brought her with them to their palace , after knowing her past , Rana Bhanuday accepted her as his own daughter without any hesitation, Fatimah was fortunate that the whole family made her the apple of their eyes and never bothered about her past. Now all she was tring to do was to move on , but failed miserably.
Precap – Nasir invites Rana Bhanuday and his family to the feast he had organised.
On the other side , Razia gears up for a battle in Deccan.

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