Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 18 )


Chapter 18 – Betrayer Betrayed !

Royal Palace , Dilli –
azia sat on her throne graciously like always as the ministers greeted her . “With a heavy heart and grief , I am bound to announce that one of my most loyal ministers Shariefuddein has abandoned us all and has reached his final destination , I request you all to pray for the peace of his soul.” her voice echoed all over the courtroom , the ministers were shocked , they had no idea when and how that happened “Sultan , can we atleast get to know the reason and when all these happened ?” one of the curious ministers asked , oblivion of the smirk that played on Yakut’s face and was immediately replaced by fake seriousness. “One of us is behind the conspiracy of his murder and it’s rather a very pleasing news that I’ve found the mastermind behind this evil game .” she continued “ And to my and everyone’s surprise I guess , it was none other than Ameenuddin.” she declared , to which , almost everybody gasped in shock , Ameenuddin was brought there , his hands tied and his mouth gagged “You have committed an unforgivable sin Ameenudin ! Guards take him to the dungeons . He shall be executed tomorrow.” Razia ordered the guards pointing at Ameenudin . Murmurings surrounded the atmosphere as evry soul there was shocked by the turn of events , except for few . “So , I guess we had a quiet eventful day . The court is dismissed for today.” she declared graciously , her face , void of any expression , yet her eyes , twinkling with a splash of pride in them. All the ministers raised from their respective seats as she made her way out of the courtroom.
Ameenudin gasped and opened his mouth wide in order to catch breath , but failed badly , his huge body was brutally pushed against the dungeon walls as Razia tightened her grip around his neck “Yes I betrayed you! I do that with every traitor . What did you two assume , you and Sharief will conspire against me and will be successful? NEVER ! You men are weaklings , who do not have the courage to accept a change , the fact is men like you are afraid of women , they do not and cannot let a woman compete with them .” with those words , Razia let him go and he fell on the ground with a thud breathing hard , as if he had breathed after ages , his blurry vision could see her leave the dungeon silently with Yakut.
Royal Palace , Ajabgarh –

Fatimah’s POV-

I enjoyed the cold breeze as it caressed my skin , night had embraced the sky of Ajabgarh and it was cold , winter seems to be close by now , I tightened my grip around the shawl that covered my body , suddenly my eyes fell on the balcony of a chamber situated after two consecutive chambers those were adjacent to mine . It was Nasir’s chamber , he seemed to enjoy the night sky too as he was starring at the sky in his balcony , I did not realise when I got lost , starring at him , he does not even have the slightest idea how much I want to forgive him , how much I cave for his arms around my structure …but as a wife , only as a wife , as a woman, it seems to be impossible for me. My thoughts were interrupted by a maid who suddenly knocked the doors of my chamber , I gestured her to enter and so did she . Giving a last glance to Nasir , I entered my chamber . The maid informed me that we have got reply of our letter that we had sent to Umarkot . The reply seems to be positive , the king of Umarkot is ready to have a peace talk with us, of course we did not mention what was the talk about. I knew what it meant , I must prepare for the journey , tomorrow is going to be a long and perhaps eventful day.

End of POV

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