Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 13 )


Chapter 13 – The Evil

Fatimah rolled her eyes at this statement “Well , I already have a sword.” she stated blankly “I was just surrendering Shezaadi.” he defended himself , acting innocent , Fatimah rolled her eyes and jumped on her horse and so did Nasir. Fierce wind crossed their hair as the rode ton their respective horses , heading back to the palace , the cloth covering her face slid down due to the constant jerks and revealed her angelic face , adored with a nose ring Nasir could not help but stare at her for a few moments , those few moments had the world and time stopped for him , before he shifted back his concentration towards the path.

Royal Palace , Dilli-
“Another gift?” Razia asked the royal messenger who brought her a well-packed box on behalf of the Subedaar of Bhatinda , Malik Altunia . It was the fourth gift Razia had received , that too , within the same month , she couldn’t help but blush . After the messenger left , she slowly opened the box , it contained an amazing set of Rajput styled diamond necklace , a big Rajput- styled nose ring , with beautiful stones perfectly fitted on it. Next , there were two gorgeous earings with gold chain extensions to fit on her hair “Oh Mirza! Why?” she breathed , surprised yet again , she knew he loved to pamper her , no matter he’s around or not.

The sun rays could barely reach the dark chamber of Moizudeen , as the curtains prevented them to enter there. Darkness had surrounded the room and so , his heart and mind , he failed to see beyond the royal throne , blinded by his thirst for throne , he became a pawn in Shah Turkan’s hands , yet , failed to realise it. “So , what do we need to do?’ he asked Shah Turkan siting on a couch “Every massive empire has a strong ruler to take the lead , once the ruler is broken ,the empire becomes vulnerable , thus an easy target.” she calmly replied “You know , your sister is very strong , a very very strong woman , women are born strong , sorry to say , while men… they are born weak , it’s the women who mold them and strengthen them. We need to break Razia first , and for that , it’s better to start from… Malik Altunia.” she stated with a venomous smirk played on her face .

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  1. Mirza is so cute……loved the episode..I hope shah turkan rest in hell..thanks for alzia scene…eagerly waiting for union..

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