Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 12 )


Chapter 11- A Spy?

Royal Palace , Ajabgarh-
The sun rays kissed the soil of of Ajabgarh , Princess Rajshree was already awake , she was busy with her brothers , when suddenly a messenger appeared from nowhere and knocked the doors “Baisa , there’s a letter for you.” he an announced , Rajshree drew her eyebrows together and took the letter from his hand “Thank you” she thanked the messenger and turned to her brother , sitting there. “I’ll join you again this evening , have some important task.’ she said before leaving the chamber . She rushed back to her chamber with an anxious expression , she was too busy thinking about the letter to notice that Nasir had called her twice , reaching her chamber , she closed the doors cautiously and pulled the curtains , restricting any view of her chamber .

Fatimah’s POV-

I got one of my spies’ message , the messenger to deliver it was also a spy of mine , I have been a spy and hence , I am very good at managing these things , Pitaji’s life is in danger , someone’s planning to assassinate him and that too ….within us , someone among us is the culprit , I need to meet the spy for further information at a secret location , through this letter , he informed me that he had collected further information. I dressed up as messenger and covered my face , well , but I didn’t mind the nose ring still on my face , I simply love nose rings. I finally made my way through a secret passage in my chamber and reached my horse ,it was jet black one , my favorite , I patted it and covered my face with the extension of my turban’s cloth and jumped on my horse and galloped towards the secret location.

End of POV
But she was oblivion of the fact that she was being followed by someone.

“What information do you have?” she asked the spy waiting for her at the spot . “So far , I guess someone from the court , who has joined the king of Umarkot – Surya. “ the spy answered “Hmm , good , you may leave now , take the other route.” she instructed him , as soon as the spy lefty , she again covered her face with the cloth and turned to go when she felt someone’s eyes on her , but who , alerted at once , her hands automatically reached her sword.

Nasir’s POV-
This morning I saw Fatimah rushing towards her chamber , I called her twice but she seemed to be too munch engrossed into something , I thus decided to wait outside , when it seemed to be quiet long , I decided to go for a horse ride all alone , but to my surprise , as soon as I reached there to take away my horse , I saw someone already present there , a messenger , he seemed to be , but as soon as he turned around to check anyone’s presence , I was quick enough to hide myself but I also realised that the messenger was a ‘she’ not ‘he’ , her eyes , …..wait , it was Fatimah herself , suspicious , I followed her on my horse , she reached a forested area and had a man already waiting for her , protective , possessive or curious , whatever it was , it was making me not like any unknown man around MY WIFE. Well , I hid myself a few feet away , behind a tree and let my eyes observe them and their actions , unfortunately , I couldn’t hear them , but , I was clever enough to conclude within minutes that the ‘unknown man’ was actually a spy , I unconsciously sighed in relief. Then Fatimah turned around and I leaned back to the tree trunk . It was then less than a minute when I felt a sharp edge of metal touching my neck . It was a sword of course!

End of POV

“What are you doing here King of Ghazni.” Fatimah hissed in annoyance , pressing the sword hrder on his skin , yet not letting it give him a wound. “Do you want my sword to detach your head from your body?” she threatened .In return , Nasir just smirked and handed over his dagger to her“ Yeh ser jhukta bhi aapke saamnay hain aur uthta bhi aapke samney hain , agar kaat dengi toh bura nahi maanenge (This head bows before you and raises before you , if you cut it , I won’t mind.)” he said while bowing with a mischievous smile.

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