Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 10)

Chapter 10- Answers!

Royal Palace , Ajabgarh-

“Thank you .” Rajshree murmured as a maid handed over the glass of milk she had ordered for to her , but just when she was going to take a sip , someone , marched into her chamber , without permission of hers. She could not see the intruder’s face since there were curtains everywhere , surrounding her protectively , blocking any one’s view , on her (You know , those days of Rajasthan) but he did not even touch the curtains. Locking his hands backwards together he demanded in a deep , low masculine and calm voice “Taqliyaan (Privacy)!” and that was when , Rajshree’s eye’s widened a bit in surprise , who else it could be.

Fatimah’s POV –

“I rolled my eyes in frustration , anger irritation , and what not , I even intentionally sighed , trying to indirectly telll him how annoyed I was , but it seemed to have no effect on him , and the next moment , he was standing in front of me , beside my bed , he did not let the wall of curtains stay between us . I gave him an expressionless , cold look , but that seemed to have no effect on him . He crossed his arms over his chest and finally blurt out in a serious , calm yet somewhere impatient tone “I want my answers …..NOW.” “What answers ,?” I snapped at him , irritated and angered . “Why aren’t you forgivuing me ? I didn’t do anything knowingly , I apologized , and I am still apologizing , DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA THAT HOW WAS MY LIFE GOING WITHOUT YOU IN THESE 5 YEARS ?” he almost shouted at me , making me leave my bed at once and stand up , I still decided to ignore and looked away .

(end of pov)

Nasir had turned really impatient now , he took a step closer to her and made her look up to his eyes by lifting her chin with his thumb and index finger “Look at me Fatimah….please… forgive me I am apologizing, it is killing me please …. free me of this pain a come with me , as my wife ..my better half.” Fatimah jerked his fingers away , tears threatened to fall from her eyes but she didn’t allow them to do so “This is not enough Nasir , you heard me? This is not enough.” she answered back , with a hint of anger in her calm voice. “So what shall I do , at least talk to me .” Nasir said , pulling her towards him in an angered tone “Talk , Nasir did you let me explain that day? Where was your TRUST , your Faith , your Love ?” with those words , she freed herself from his grip , tears that threatened to fall from her eyes finally made their way through her cheeks and she collapsed on the floor “Every day , every night I remembered our moments together , I remembered you , Dilli . I trusted you Nasir , I had faith on your love.. and… an..d you , ..” she started to cry heedlessly “Fatimah!” Nasir could only whisper. He tried to place his hand on her shoulder but she jerked it away “Go Away!” she yelled in a broken voice. That was it for Nasir , with teary eyes he left her chamber , after all he was responsible for her condition.

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  1. U made me cry….amazing episode….I hope soon they unite..

    1. Anumita

      Thank you Pooja , I feel this is a big achievement for any writer , be it professional or not when the reader feel connected with the story . Thank you so much

  2. oh great emotional epi love it

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      Thank you dear

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