Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 10 continued)

Chapter 10 (continued)

Ajabgarh , Royal Palace-

Nasir’s POV-

I hurriedly made my way back to my chamber , as soon as I closed the doors of my chamber , I collapsed on the floor , my feet could not take the load of my heavy heart and a mind full of feelings of disgust about myself and guilt. I suddenly felt wetness on my cheeks and realised that I had been crying . Great! The Subedaar of Ghazni is crying . Well , life and fate , both were merciless to me. I am responsible for her condition ,she is shattered! She is broken! I wiped my tears and got up . Not this time , I won’t loose You this time , I promise.

Fatimah’s POV-

What does he want to prove by doing all these? That he cares for me “I am Sorry” is this enough? As a wife , I might forgive him , but as a woman, can I ever forgive him as a woman? I composed myself and got up , wiping away all my tears , I ordered the servants to prepare dinner for everyone and asked them not to disturb me since I would not be attending the dinner “Tell Ma that I am a bit unwell , I won’t be attending the dinner tonight” I said in a low , cold voice , and as soon as they left , I fell on my bed and drifted into a deep slumber.


Royal Palace , Dilli

It was just another day for Razia , she adjusted her crown and a proud smile washed her face , clearing her throat , she turned to go out of her chamber when Yakut entered there “Wait , I have something important with me.” Yakut blurt out Razia raised an eyebrow questioningly “I have the names who are busy conspiring against you.” he revealed . “We shall deal with it this evening. “ she finally stated.
Precap – Razia plays her game.
Nasir all set to win Fatimah back at any cost.


Really sorry for such a short update but will update the nxt part soon


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