Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Intro)

Hi everyone this is my first fanfiction. I’am a huge fan of the serial Razia sultan which has gone off air now. For now, I will only give some introduction .

Razia al Din(1205 – October 13,1240) throne name-Jalat ud-din-Razia was not only the fist ever woman who ruled over India but also the only woman ruler of Delhi. She was chosen over her brothers by her father Sultan Iltimush as his successor . Brought up and trained like any other prince of that time,Razia proved tobe one of the most powerful person who ruled over the Indian subcontinent ever.
**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** IMPORTANT CHARACTERS

Razia- The main character . She is a brave hearted princess and unlike most other princesses of her times she is never hesitant to express her thoughts and feelings.

Iltimush- He is the father of razia and is a just emperor for whom his people comes first. He loves Razia with all his heart.

Qutub- She is the mother of Razia and is the Sultan’s main queen.

Nasir-He is Razia’s elder brother and loves his sister dearly he is also loved by the whole empire and is expected to be his father’s successor but at his heart he wants Razia to claim the throne.

Shazia- She is the elder sister of Razia.

Yasir- He is the youngest sibling of Razia.

Malik-ikhtiar ud din Altunia- He is an ex- slave a ferocious warrior , a great cook a beautiful poet and a soft hearted man although he tries to show that he is brutal and cruel. He is now the governor of Bhatinda under the Delhi Sultanate.

Yakut- He is an able general trusted and loved by iltimush. he is also a good friend of Razia.

Fatimah- Although a slave of the harem , she is Razia’s best friend.

That’s all for now and I’ll be waiting for ur comments.

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  1. Start asap..i m eager to see how u retell d story

  2. I’ii try my best to pls my dear reader asctually it’s my first ff and I’am a little nervous I’ll update shortly.

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