Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 39


Chapter 39 – The Best Royal Spy Is Back!

Rukknuddin and Shah Turkan were in a state of panic , when Rukknuddin went to the palace backyard to displace the dead body safely , he could not find it , this meant only one thing somebody had found the body and had displaced “ You should have been careful , if you had displaced it that night only , we would not have been in a state of panic right now.” Turkan yelled at her son “Me ? Why are you putting the blame on me now , you only asked me to hide the body in the palace backyard.” he yelled back at her “There’s no use of arguing right now , all we know that someone has found the body and we don’t know who , and here , in this palace , I don’t find any well wisher of ours , and if Sultan comes to know about our whereabouts , the thrown will definitely slip from your hands my dear son.! “ , she said narrowing her eyes.

Fatimah had inquired the royal guards , but found them clueless , “Well , the murder is a cold-blooded one, that is for sure but no matter how clever a murdered is , he/she leaves behind a proof , until he is an excellent assassin , but I don’t find Ruhana worth to be assassinated , and an assassin would never dare to hide the body near the palace , it’s either a part of a deadly conspiracy or….Some was caught red-handed by Ruhana.” Fatimah said to Altunia and Razia who were listening to her with utmost concentration.
“Come , let’s check the backyard , maybe we can get something valuable there.” she instructed Razia and Altunia .

The sun was about to set , Fatimah , Altunia and Razia returned to their respective chambers , disappointed since they could not get any proof that would help them. Fatimah was too tiered , she entered her chamber and had almost forgotten about the painting , when suddenly she found it laying on the bed “Oh , I just forgot about it.” she said to herself as she picked up the painting , having a closer look , her eyebrows raised in amusement , the painting had been completed and beside Nasir , someone had made her portrait , as if they are enjoying a garden stroll , unknowingly , a faint smile curved on her beautiful face , she understood who had completed it.
****************************************************************************************************************** TO BE CONTINUED************************************

PRECAP – Fatimah makes a guess who could be the murderer.

Credit to: Anumita

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  1. Who completed the painting….I think nasir????…. Growing suspenses…. I m so excited and waiting for next episode eagerly… Thank u so much anumita for the mysterious episode…
    Ruknudin n turkan scene good to imagine their scared faces ?..

    1. No no , there’s some mistake here I had written and submitted 2nd part of chapter 38 bit it has not been updated.please wait until I update that part again

  2. yashasvi ( yashu )

    ohhkk…. this one was really mysterious….i didnt liked it…..

    but i loved it………………………….

  3. Hey amazing n interesting episode anu , ,,,,, wahi me soch rahi thi ki painting k bare me to pehle kuch nai bataya tha 🙂
    But its good ,story or bhi jada interesting hojati hai jab us k plots thode confusing ho 😉

  4. Thanks a lot for your support guys , the next chapter would be updated soon.

  5. Waiting…? …. Tysm..

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