Razia Sultan Serial: Nasir & Fatima’s New Beginning FF Ep#6 Promo+Iqbal’s INTRO


(Sorry for any typo errors! Before you read Iqbal’s introduction, I want to tell you all that Iqbal is a completely imaginary character and Iqbal’s Introduction will not be included in Ep#6)

Iqbal is the prince of Sultanate Bihar. He is the smallest brother.He has one more elder brother and a beautiful sister named”Shehzade Irum”(Irum will be an important character ahead)
His fathers sultanate (sultan Liaquat’s) is not that big as Iltutmish’s but Liaquat and Iltutmish are great friends! Which is why sultan Liaquat had the courage to ask Iltutmish’s daughter for his son.

Iqbal is a good prince but rather a gentle prince. He hates fighting and that is why doesn’t go on wars like other princes go(eg.nasir,Ruknu(who goes reluctantly) and Iqbal’s elder brother(Mahmud) etc.) He is a shy prince!
Qutub and iltutmish didn’t want a wealthy and powerful prince for her daughter rather they wanted a kind hearted sweet prince who Shehzade Iqbal was exactly!

Ep#6 PROMO:-

Ther arrives the prince whom Shehzade Shazia was desperately waiting for.She peeped out of her grand window to see him but she failed too which made her a bit disappointed but she had patience!
Shehzade Iqbal comes down from the horse with VISIBLE LACK OF CONFIDENCE! Dehli sultanate and Dehli Palace was much bigger than his!”Will Shazia be able to adjust with me” he thought sadly.
Just then Nasir came to receive him! He could see Iqbal’s shyness and lack of confidence!
N= salaam dulha miyan!
I= aaaa..are..you? SHEHZADE NASIR ?

N=aa yes?*asks a puzzled nasir.*
I=*stammers a bit* I am a big fan of urs! Especially when you went on a war to Bengal and came back with success… I heard you even went to ghazni! My sister ” Irum” is a big fan of you too! She has heard about your bravery,power and wealth and…..
N= aaaa…really? That’s good! Where is she? Didn’t come for the engagement?
I= she’ll come after a few days for the marriage, shehzade…*says shyly*
N= aha! That’s good* confused* OK…did you meet Abu?
I= SULATAN ILTUTMISH!*exclaimed* I…I will!*and runs off*

Nasir sees Iqbal running while he collapses with Iltutmish and meets him with the equal lack of confidence!
“Hmm” nasir thinks.He then looks at altunia. “Maybe he can solve iqbal”‘s problem”.

On the other hand Fatima empresses her feelings to zaroon!
F= I know we have been friends for soo long but its time I reveal to you that I actually feel for you! I…I love you! Yes Zaroon! I have always…..*interrupted*
Z= Woahhhh! Wait!*he says seriously which shocks Fatima* look! I can commit anything and plus I don’t feel for you!!! We…I…I mean plz! Cm on look at our future! Who are we?? Servants serving the royalties???? We…LOOK I respect your feelings but I don’t want this to go further so….PlZ!*he runs off*

Fatima stands there for a moment. She wanted to freeze time. The one whom she loved for her life rejected her in a fractions of second?? Didn’t even try to understand her. Fatima starts crying. She tries to control her self but she simply can’t!
Fatima goes off when she nasir in front of her who stops her. Nasir sees her crying and gets shocked!
N= are…are you fine??? Fatima?? Why are you crying ..did anyone say something to you?
F= No Shehzade*sobs*
N=*while consoling her he doesn’t realize that he holds her hands which grand fatima”‘s attention*
Fatima snatches her hands back and runs off!
” what is his problem??? Why does he bump into me?? He thinks I am like the million princesses and girls who will be impressed by his wealth and power and handsomeness!!!!!” She cries in her room a lot. While nasir on the other hand gets worried for her!

Razia sees a deco piece placed on the wrong place!
R= Ufff! Let me fix it myself*she gets up the stool*
Ruknuddin seeing this from a distance thinks of a cunning plan to tease razia! He takes a. Bottle of oil in his hands and camouflages it in his clothes!
RK= salam behena ! Need any help?*says evilly*
R= Shut up and leave! That’ll be a great help!
RK=SURE I WILL SOON!*He pours she oil cautiously so razia’s stool could slip* but you might not see me?
R= well I’d be glad!
RK=Or maybe you’ll die after your sister’s nikkah?
R= WHAT???
RK= just joking shehzade! Why so serious! Bye!!!!
*he goes off while smirking*
R= Idiot!

*razia struggles to put the new deco pics but the stool slips and razia falls from an immense height.Altunia sees this from a distance and rushed to rescue his princess. Razia safely falls in altunia’s arms and they have an eyelock*
Shah turkan sees this from a distance and gets immensely jealous!
ST=Don’t worry! Beta, noons will stay after shazia’s nikkah

What will happen next?? Stay tuned!

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