Razia Sultan Serial: Nasir & Fatima’s New Beginning FF Ep#5


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The whole Dehli sultanate was immensely happy! There were celebrations everywhere for the princess’s wedding! Especially, in the palace! Every single family member was working …Be it the Sultan,the Prince or the Princess! Everyone one was truly happy except for the evil Shah Turkan and Ruknuddin who were fuming from inside! They tries to control their jealousy and fake in front of the sultan!Turkan had a very shallow, evil,dark idea in her mind and she was trying to find out ways to executive it…..

Meanwhile, Razia and Altunia continued to practice secretly! Just after the training was over , razia rushed to supervise the decorations for the arrival of Shehzade Iqbal who was coming in just a couple of days for the grand royal wedding. Altunia sighed ” I’ll never be able to interact or talk to her confidently! ”
On the other hand, Razia was in Altunia’s thoughts too….”why is this guy so strange! No…no..don’t be affected.. He is just a teacher for you!” Razia’s thoughts were distracted by Fatima’s question.
F=Shehzadi, the decorations colour should be?
R= ummm yellow I guess*in the depth of her thoughts she didn’t remember that the decorations colour was supposed to be red*

*Altunia was just about to leave the training (secret) room that Iltutmish stopped him.*
I=altunia? May I have a word with you?
A= Sure sultan!*bows* yes?
I= As you know its the first royal wedding of one of my daughters! I am immensely excited and I want to invite everyone who is close to me! So I request you to join the royal wedding too!
I=yes! You! You are such a trustworthy and brave person and I am impressed with tpu. I would love it if you would come to the royal wedding! Will you?
A= I would be honoured sultan!
I=*smiles* thank you!
*iltutmish handed over the invitation to ALTUNIA*
A=thank YOU! *Altunia said and left*
“He’s a nice guy!” Iltutmish thought.

Nasir was working continuously for her sister’s wedding. Both nasir and razia loved their sisters so they were working devotedly!Today was the day when Iqbal was arriving!Nasir and Razia both were exhausted by now! Even though they were only supervising but instructing the servants/slave was not that easy.
N=Razia,you must be tired of the training*whispered* go get some rest!
R= but bhaijaan you have been working for soo long too!
N=Its OK! You go get some rest!
*razia goes reluctantly. On her way she sees Fatima and orders her to go to nasir so he can get some help*
F= OK shehzadi…
*Suddenly, both hear nasir screaming*

*nasir asked the servants in a very a angry tone! Everyone knew that prince nasir didn’t get angry or didnt yell often but when he did, it was really horrifying!
N= This decoration theme was RED!!!How Dare did someone change this into YELLOW!
*asked a furious yet tired nasir*
A servant gathered his courage to answer..
Ser=Woo…jee…Fatima Jee…you won’t know her she is razia ‘s maid! She did it…
N= Fatima???
Ser=yes you won’t know her…
N= I know her! Call her immediately!
*before anyone could call her she came herself!*
F= yes?
N= what YES? Do you know that you have ruined the decorations Fatima?? I can tolerate anything on myself but not my family. Red was shazia’s favourite! And you…
*just then razia who was eavesdropping the conversation came running*
R= Bhai jaan! Stop it! Its my fault! I ordered Fatima to do all this
N= you? But you knew the theme
R= yes I am sorry but ..I was…FORGET IT! it was my fault I am telling you! So stop screaming on Fatima!
*nasir saw Fatima behind razia(who was saving her) she was clearly trying to control herself from crying. She was terrified from nasir’s anger. Nasir felt immensely guilty for insulting her for no reason! But before he could do anything razia dragged Fatima outside! Nasir knew it was his turn to apologize now! Even if he was a prince he knew he had done wrong!*
Ser=Shehzade WO…
N= shut up! How shameless of you for not telling the right thing!
*he went outside*

Razia brought Fatima inside her royal room!
R= Fatima…I am sorry!
F= its OK*while sobbing* I didn’t mind!
R= I told you he gets angry very quickly and he mid understood..
F= its OK..he is a powerful
And wealthy prince and we slaves are bond or rather trained for this insult!
R= Fatima no!!not at all! He is…
F= leave it about prince nasir! I know he is good at heart! And perhaps it was my carelessness too!
R= acha chalo choro! Let me dress you up…you know na shehzade iqbal is arriving and today is the engagement ceremony!
F= its a royal affair!
*razia dressed Fatima perfectly! She was dual talented! War tactics+dressing up! She made Fatima into an angel once again. Dressing her up in a red attire with golden ,heavy jewellery!*
F= shehzade why do you dress me up?
R=because I like it! And plus you have to confess…
F= WHAT?!?
R=yes to ZAROON…
F= no way*blushes*
R=yes! Confess him! Though I know he is not fit for you but…
F= ofc he is! I won’t be getting a prince charming!
R= oh ho! Defensive!*starts teasing!*
R= then do it! TODAY,When you are dressed perfectly!
*Fatima runs! But she knew it was TODAY! She had to confess some day! So she decided to consider razia’s opinion and disclose it today!*

Razia dressed up too. She wore a beautiful, peacock dress with silver heavy earrings and a a nice silver haar/necklace! She looked beautiful!

Altunia was walking in the royal hall where the engagement was happening! He felt awkward in between all the royalties. He wanted someone who was close to him. He searched for h razia but was unsuccessful! Nasir who was chatting with his friend saw altunia in a corner.He went to him.
N= altunia? Are you fine need anything?
A=jee yes*bows*
N=no need to bow! I am honoured to interact with someone soo honest and brave like you!
N= I know all this is awkward but you’ll adjust in this wedding affair!*he signals a servant to come and serve altunia.It was zaroon*
N= what’s your name?
Z=*bows* Zaroon!
N=yea..zaroon listen serve altunia..He is our special guest.*he serves the juice *
A=thank u!
*nasir leaves *
Z= wah miyaan! Hum mehnat kar kei bhi shahi logon sei baat nahi kar sakte aur app toh dost bhi ban gaye! Suna hai mehal mei rehte hain!
A= Zaroon, its just for some time ,,then I’ll be back to normal.
Z=par…*guest signals zaroon for service* loo..mein toh gaya! Tum karo ayashi!
A=*laughs and zaroon leaves!*

*razia was chatting with her ammi when she saw altunia in a corner. She walks to him.*
Razia goes to altunia. She comes in front of him and altunia gets mesmerized by her beauty. Be it the beautiful peacock dress on her or her curled long hair. They have a small eyelock in which they stare at each others eyes! They were talking in their eyes.As if they were already had fallen for each other!Razia came back to her senses and so didi altunia eventually!
A= Salaam!
R= *giggles a bit* salaam!
A= Haste hoi achi lagti hai(you look good while laughing/smiling)*mesmerized by her smile*
R=stop buttering/faking!!*she laughs a bit*
So you are invited too?
A= yes…
*they have a short, precise conversation in which they chit chat about various things*
R= acha ..I am going…
A=stop..aaaa.plz I want to talk about something..
R= yes?
A= remember I told you the first day of training there was a rule for learning from me!?
R= yes?
A= it was friendship!!!! Will you be my friend? I know I am not a royalty but…
R=*forwards her hand* friends?
A=*really excited* friends!!
*the handshake was special !! They both felt something really special.both of them! It was not visible from their eyes but it was a feeling in the heart!*
Razia smiled and went but she thought”strange handshake! ”

Meanwhile,in a dark room Turkan with a stranger man.
T= An maza aye ga jab Shazia keh nikkah par khoon hei khoon ho ga!
SM=Don’t worry turkan! I ‘ll make sure I destroy the royal family’s happiness!
* lazy Ruknuddin enters *
T= ohh so the lazy head wakes up too?
R= I am fed up ammi jaan! With your taunts and fake evil unsuccessful scheming plans!!!!/
T= hmph! But this time it won’t be unsuccessful!
R= how? Perhaps you hv a wand*sarcastically says*
T=try to be serious Ruknu *she told him the whole plan*
R= Kasam ghungroon ki, this is a brilliant plan! Ek teer sei ITNE nishane!*he laughs goofily yet evilly*
T= Bas dekhte jao beta! Lenin an chalk! Shazia’s engagement is about to happen and Iqbal will arrive any second!!
R= little do they know what’s stored ahead*laughs*

Meanwhile in the royal hall,
Nasir passes by Fatima who looks gorgeous and snatches his attention.

Next Ep Promo-Iqbal arrives with praises and celebrations!Royal engagement happens! Nasir apologizes Fatima but Fatima doesn’t find Nasir as a good person. Fatima discloses her feelings to zaroon who pays no attention to her proposal which hurts her. Razia and ALTUNIA starts their new friendship..which is the first step for their love!

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