Razia Sultan Serial: Nasir & Fatima’s New Beginning FF Ep#5 Promo


Everyone arrived for starting of shehzadi Shazia’s wedding ceremony rituals! There were many functions! Everyone ,especially royalties arrived! All the royal family was busy in supervising the decorations! Iltutmish invited Altunia too!

Altunia and razia come face to face!
R=*giggles a bit* Salam!
A=*mesmerized by her smile*Haste hoi achi lagti hain!
R=Makhan lagana band karo![Stop faking/buttering]

R=acha OK! *she began to leave*
A=*stops her* nahi !I wanted to tell u I remember my rule! It was friendship! I know..but..can we be friends?
R=Sure. !*she lead her hand! They had a handshake! But it felt surely more than a hand shake ! Both felt the feeling but didn’t react.Altunia left*
R=Hmm..what was that strange feeling!

Razia dresses Fatima!
F=shehzadi! I am not a royalty..why do u dress me up?
R=Because I like it! Aur….you have to confess!
R=your love to zaroon
R=YES! Dekho..you are wearing a great dress and you look good as always and ….
*Fatima got up and ran out! “I know shehzadi is right ! Maybe I should do it”*
R=*after she left* why do I think zaroon isn’t suitable for her!

Nasir misunderstands Fatima as he thinks she ruined the decorations and scolds her while he afterwards gets to know it was another servant who did it! He feels bad and decides its his turn to say sorry!

Turkan in a dark room with a stranger!
T=ab aye ga maza jab har jaga khoon(blood)ho ga Shazia ke nikkah me din!
*she laughs evilly*
T=just a few more days to death dear royal family!

(Sorry for any typo errors as I don’t proofread

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  1. Amazing….I hope it’s not that death scene of royal family…thanks for promo

    1. Sana167

      Thank u! And don’t worry,it won’t be a death sequel AT ALL!no important character will dies!Perhaps,it will be a new turn for both the love stories(oops,spoiler alert?)

      1. Ohh….thanks……waiting for next episode

  2. Anumita

    Sorry for commenting so late but that doesn’t mean that I do not like your ff , in fact , I LOVE YOUR FF. The epi. was as usual , awesome , waiting for the nxt epi.

    1. Sana167

      Thanks a lot! But ur FF is way to interesting than mine! I always eagerly wait for it! Your story is intense and deep! Love it immensely!!!

      1. Anumita

        Oh come on Sana , our stories are different , themes are poles apart , but our ffs are unique as they are . I love your ff.

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