Razia Sultan Serial: Nasir & Fatima’s New Beginning FF Ep#4


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*Nasir walks out angrily as he is fed up of his mum and nani talking about HIS marriage and engagement*
N:What with their obsession with me*he thinks* I am fed up!!
*He doesn’t notice that someone was walking in front(basically there are soo many slaves in the palace)It was Fatima! She was walking in a deep thought with a glass of milk in her hands that she didn’t notice a royalty,prince nasir walking ! As usual they bumped and collapsed but this time all the milk dropped on his clothes*
N=You stupid! Can’t u see properly and…*he stopped as he noticed it was fatima * I mean..*tried to calm his tone*
F=I am soooo sorry Shehzade!*she bowed * I didn’t mean too…I mean I know your clothes are very expensive and….*She tried to clean it with her duppatta but them immediately stopped realizing what she was doing*
N=*with a taunting yet sweet smile* as if this working?
F= I am sorry…for…everything.. I know that garden incident and now! I am just too dumb..forgive me! I know I mean nothing to you but I would be a bit relaxed if you forgave me! I….*she continued her apology and he kept staring at her*
F=you forgive me Shehzade??
*nasir got out of her trans and realized he didn’t listen to a single word*
N=No..I me*didn’t know how to react*
F=no??*Fatima said with a sad face*you won’t forgive me?
N=no…I mean YES OFCOURSE ..its ok!
F=really*she was a bit shocked as razia told her that her elder brother was picky about his stuff being dirty or he gets annoyed easily*thank u!! I knew you were the best prince !!*she got over excited at the same time* Waise..I am quite obedient and intelligent and I didn’t do such dumb things at all..WO toh..waise hei
*Fatima didn’t realize that a slave was carrying 4 glasses of sherbet/juice behind her and coming towards fatima s back!Nasir tried to warn her but she was way too happy to listen anything*
N=What’s your name?*he trues to talk in fast tone to warn her*what did razia say..fa..fa..yes Fatima!!!! You see that man…
F=what man are…
N=Fatima stop I….
*before he could do anything Fatima bumped into the man and the 4 glasses of sherbet fell straight on Nasir:s clothes YET AGAIN!*
F=Eeeeeeeeee*she screamed .*.she was soo embarrassed that she couldnt say a single word*
F=mein WO…*she started crying abit*
N=Arrey mein..*before he could say anything she ran away*
“Strange girl” he thought.

The slave apologized a lot(the one carrying sherbet) and nasir made all his anger(be it of his engagement issue,milk dropping issue or this sherbet) all on him!
N=Now go!*he said angrily*Actually stop!he handed him a bag of money which was worth all his anger…he was caring hence indirectly he said sorry to him* Take this*he said in a calm tone* go plz!*the slave’s faded smile came back and he went!

Qutub came to see nasir and tell him that there was some important announcement to be made!
Q=Nasir mera bacha..as(she was horrified to see the mess on his clothes) beta! Who is responsible for this?
N=umm*he didn’t wanna put the blame of Fatima* much nahi..forget it.lemme change it!
Q=acha? Chalo beta come after changing in the Royal hall we have a royal announcement OK?

Everyone gathered at the royal hall.Iltutmish began!
I=Today is want to announce proudly that I have given my daughter, Shehzade shazia’s hand to Shehzade Iqbal(imaginary character)!
This was expected as everyone knew they were considering his proposal! Everyone cheered! They had sweets and celebrated!

Ruknuddin and shah turkan were fuming on the royal happiness!
St=didn’t worry beta! I will execute my plan on shazia’s SO CALLED royal marriage and destroy their happiness!
R=HOPEFULLY!*he said sarcastically which irked turkan*

Next day was razia and altunia’s first training day!
R=*coming in with attitude! Altunia had already been mesmerized by her beauty and charm and most of all COURAGE* Will we start??
A=Jee.*he said lost in her*
*they did basic training together*
A=ahmm…waise I have rules!
A= Arrey sabar! I just wanna say that I am your teacher and you should call me…umm..USTAD!*razia stared while altunia thought how could he be giving such a lame rule! Basically he wanted to interact with her*
A=humara MATLAB hai keh hum ap ko Shehzade nahi balke…ummm
R=TEACH ME!*Razia said firmly as she didn’t wanna waste her time*
*again after a whiel*
A=Your fave fruit? Fave color? Fave food? ..ap kahan pakati hain? Kia…
R=are you gone nuts?
A=WO…mein toh BAs.*he wanted to interact*
R=yeh Kaise karein*she asked*
R=mera Saar*she got annoyed by her distracted attitude*
A=kia hoa ap ke Saar ko??
R=ufff…kia naam hai tumhara??
A=Mirza Altunia!
Razia thought it was the same name that echoed in her ears!
R=did u know zaroon?
A=yea..my friend!
R=your name is soo fascinating and soo attractive….I mean Addictive i mean*she stopped*
A=*thought to himself*”banda attractive nahi lag raha BAs naam lag raha hai”
R=acha will continue tomorrow!!
A=…Arrey!*she left* pata nahi kiun I have started you know liking you a..bit I guess?

Fatima looked at zaroon working and smiled.Razia caught her!
R=acha! Toh yeh majra hai!
F=nahi..WO*she blushed*
R=par zaroon *she tried not to laugh which made Fatima angry*
F=Shehzade WO jaisa bhi hai I like him!!
R=sorry! Mafi!and what about ur sorry to the person ? Who is he?
F= don’t ask it got worse and I didn’t wanna disclose the man!
F=BAS..*she left sadlt and embarrassed recalling the incident leaving a puzzled Shehzade behind*


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  2. Sorry for commenting so late. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t LOVE YOUR FF.? As usual the chap was really good especially Alzia scene. Waiting for the nxt chapter

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