Razia Sultan Serial: Nasir & Fatima’s New Beginning FF Ep#4 PROMO


*Nasir walks out angrily because of nani jaan and ammi jaan zid to marry while he accidentally bumps into Fatima and all the milk in the glass Fatima is holding drops on his clothes*
N=You stupid! Can’t you see..*he stops as he sees Fatima*I mean..
F=Sorry Shehzade… I know your clothes are very expensive and its all my fault!!!! Oh my god..what have I done!*she starts cleaning it with her duppatta*
N=*he smiles* As if this is working?

F= I know it isn’t!…Shehzade I want yo say sorry about the garden I incident….so sorry…really I didnt mean I promise….*she keeps apologizing and he gazes at her for at least 15 mins*
F=Soo.. Will u forgive me plzzzz??
N=Forgive what*he gets back to his senses and gets to know he didn’t hear a single word* ohh haan! Yeah I forgive you!

F=Acha!*gets over excited*pata tha mujhe! I knew you were really kind!!!Thank u…thank u and I am not that clumsy wo toh I was confused that’s why I bumped and didn’t recognized u!!! Par nothing happens now..every thing is perfectly..*she keeps on talking and moving backwards in excitement while she is unaware that a slave is carrying four glasses or sherbet/juice..as she moves backwards she bumps and the juice falls yet again on Nadir’s clothes*
F=Eeeeeeeeeeee..*gets embarrassed…* aaaa
..WO..*runs away*
*nasir laughs*”strange girl”he thinks”I don’t know why I bump into her”

Altunia and Razia start training! Altunia is lost in razia while razia gets annoyed!
R=what’s your problem? Teach me!
A=Haan..sekha toh raha hoon..what’s the rush?
R=Acha what to do next?
A=what next?
R=*irritated* mera Saar!!
A=kia hoa ap ke Saar ko?
*she leaves*
A=You have won my heart Shehzade!!

Everyone have sweets as Iqbal’s proposal has been accepted by Shazia’s parents!Everyone is happy except shah turkan and Ruknu!The coming wedding track will make both the love stories blossom!

Fatima also discloses her feelings about zaroon in the coming episode to razia BUT what has destiny planned for her?

Stay tuned!

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  1. So funny…nasimah scene 🙂

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