Razia Sultan Serial: Nasir & Fatima’s New Beginning FF Ep#3


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*Nasir and razia have a stroll in the garden.Nasir is still in a trans of the strange girl he just met.He was itching to ask about her but he hesitated.*
N=Razia…*he tried to ask uncontrollably*
R=Jee bhaijaan! Thank god you spoke..I was wondering what happened to you!
N= woo..nothing…AAA*hesitated*..this girl….I mean that girl whts’s her name… Haan..FATIMA!
*Razia’s eyes widened*
N=woo…who is she….I mean I ..I wanted to ask how do you know her…mera MATLAB…
*before nasir could continue she interrupted*
R=Bhaijaan*she said firmly*Don’t you dare!!! I know what you are thinking! You flirt with millions of girls because they die after you but Fatima is not your type so don’t you dare play with her heart.Plus she is not a a royal person and she is my very very good assistant so don’t you……
N=Acha baba! I was just asking aise hei!*he said in a disappointed tone*And plus after coming back from ghazni I am much more mature!Anyway*he tried to change the topic*Do you know ammi jaan is deciding to consider Shehzade Iqbal’s proposal for Shazia?
R=Haan…Ammi told me! Seriously if this happens we will have the best wedding affair ever!*she said excitedly*
N=Hmmm..*Nasir took out his sword which grabbed Razia’s attention*
R= I WANNA LEARN SWORD FIGHTING BHAIJA…*she said uncontrollably but then quickly closed her mouth!*
N=What?!?*nasir instantly asked back curiously*
R=YES..I mean No means Yes…but basically its not possible so NO but…
N=*started laughing*Pagal larki!! Pata nahi kaun is larki ko pasand kare ga!
“Mirza ALTUNIA” Zarron’s voice echoed in Razia’s ears.”Arghh” she thought”that strange name!!”
N=Razia*nasir shook her* do you really wanna learn sword fighting*this time he asked seriously*
R= Even if I wanted I couldn’t… You and Abu are soo busy all the time! And then I am a girl and the cherry on the cake is that I am a princess….
N=*nasir thought of something.then he tries to cheer razia*OFCOURSE YOU CANT!*he copied their nani jaan*you are girl!! A princess and most of all you are from SHAHI QUTUBI KHANDAN!!
R=*LAUGHED UNCONTROLLABLY*buried baaat bhai jaan! She is our elder and she loves you a lot..
N=Sorry!!*he said while laughing*
(A slave comes and tells Nasir that Sultan Iltutmish has called him..nasir leaves)

Iltutmish is waiting for nasir.Ruknuddin enters with Shah Turkan.
I=Ruknuddin! I only TOLD YOU TO COME ALONE!
ST=I thought I could accompany him sultan!
“Ahhh” Iltutmish thought”if only he could do something with out his mom!”
*Nasir enters*
I=Ajao mera bacha! Get seated!
R=You see that ammi!
ST=Don’t worry! Have patience and if you wouldve done something in your life maybe then he would’ve loved you too as he does to them!
R=Ahhh..*gets irritated”
N=Jee abbu?
I=Actually I had to make you meet this young man named “Mirza”..He is talented and young. The day he joined our army..our sultanate has started prospering! I have decided to make him our Head of Army! I wanted you to meet him.
*he signals the soliders to let him come in*

There comes a tall,handsome,muscular man.His bravery was visible in his eyes.His courage could be seen easily in his walk.He walked swiftly and confidently and bowed beneath Prince Nasir and Sultan Iltutmish. Shah Turkan was first astonished then mesmerized!
ST=Ruknu, take a look at this handsome man!
R= Means I am not handsome?*Silly Ruknu asked*
St=Shut up! You are a joker*shah turkan said uncontrollably and unintentionally*MERA MATLAB..hai keh you are much more handsome than him…..but my point is isn’t he soo good..I wish I could drool over him for years…and..
R=*gets annoyed*Ammi jaan..ammi jaan…yahan mere sultanateki subedaarika sawal hai aur ap apni mohabatoon me peche hain !! Let’s go from here..noone need us anyway*he dragged her out of the room*
ST=I’LL Figure who you are…..

I=shahbaah! Dekha nasir his bravery is visible from his walk*nasir nods* chalk batao what do you want in gift.
“Arrey miyan! Khud sei de do…bolta hoa bura lagoon ga!” He thought
M=Nothing sultan!
I=*smiles* but I’d like you to be made as the head of army? Will you accept that?
M=*with a huge smile*Shukria sultan!Is ki kia zaroorat thi! I wish I could do more for the royal family.
N=Perhaps you can!*nasir spoke*
“Arry miyan aise hei kaha tha yeh toh asli main..” He thought..
M=Yes Shehzade?

On the other hand Fatima was moving back and fourth in razia’s royal room!
“Stupid!Fool I am!! Atleast I should’ve checked who he was! I misbehaved! That tooo with PRINCE NASIRUDDIN! If he wants he might get my neck separated!!
*Razia enters*
R=Fatima?? Kia hoa any problem?
F= Shehzade if I hv done a mistake unintentionally then what should I do.
R=Depends on your mistake… I always say sorry magar hoa kia hai..
F=SORRY!YES!” she thought “but will he accept or even bother to listen to a sorry of a slave?” She thought “Worth a try!”
R=kia hoa??
F=Much nahi..thank u Shehzade.. I should leave now!
(Fatima leaves the room leaving a confused razia behind)

Mean while….
N=If you teach my sister sword fighting BUT SECRETLY! I will pay you double…i t will be just for a month…Its for Shehzade Razia.
I=Nasir??? What has gotten in to you? How can a princess.
N=I know..nothing will happen…she just wants to learn…plz abbu…its not for me but for razia! Don’t deteriorate her dream..I am sure Mirza will agree and won’t tell anyone.
M=If sultan agrees I am ready!
*Iltutmish didn’t approve that much but razia was one of his favourite children so was nasir*
I=OK!!! But it will be a secret.Mirza you. You can stay in the palace for a month!
N=Thank you!!! Let me tell this to Razia.

*Nasir goes to her room and tells her all the situation*
R=Nasir bhaijaan, I don’t like too many jokes!!!
N=Uff..I am not joking!Chalo.
*Razia enters….and snatched ALTUNIA’s attention. Her beautiful eyes and smile makes him go in his dream world…He is astonished by her beauty!But comes back to his senses after sees everyone around*
R=Thank u abbu!!!Thank u bhaijaan! *She goes and hugs nasir and he hugs back*
N=No problem!!
M=No problem to me too!!*he says but stops while he sees everyone seeing him!*I mean in teaching..we will start tomorrow.
I=come let me guide to your room..*ALTUNIA doesn’t wanna leave but consequently has too*

*Nasir goes to meet his nani jaan and Qutub*
Q= Shehzadi faiza is best!
NJ=Irum is better for our nasir! They will have a good pair!
N=What!!!??*nasir pokes his water out as he suddenly listens his name*I thought we were suppose to talk about Shazia!!!
Q=Haan magar your engagement..
N=No ammi jaan nani jaan. I am not in a mood of marrying!!!!Think about Shazia*He walks out angrily leaving confused ppl behing*
NJ=Don’t worry I will make him agree!*she thinks of a plan*


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