Razia Sultan Serial: Nasir & Fatima’s New Beginning FF Ep#3 Promo


*A muscular and handsome person enters the palace*
Iltutmish: ohh so this is our new solider who is making our sultanate prosper. Shabash! What do u want in gift Mirza?
Mirza: nothing sultan! Its my duty for protecting my people.
(Turkan sees him and says to Ruknuddin)
T: he is solo handsome..I wish.. I didn’t have to be behind this sultan for money then I..
R: ammi Jaan!!!!! Yahan mujhe sultanate ki subedaari chaheiye air aap apni mohaabaton me peeche hain!
(Turkan glares at Mirza!)

While razia passes by and snatches altunia’s attention.
Meanwhile nasir is still confused at Fatima’s incident and Fatima decides to apologize to nasir!
Nasir meets Qutub and shanshed who tell him numerous of princesses to get engaged with but he doesn’t pay attention.
Meanwhile they have found a dulha (prince ) for Shazia and the royal family has a wedding feast coming up! (Stay tuned the wedding track will be fun as this will bloom both the love stories)
Fatima tells razia about her feelings regarding to Zaroon!
BUT Will Evil Ruknuddin and turkan ever let this happiness last??

Stay tuned to know about it

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