Razia Sultan Serial: Nasir & Fatima’s New Beginning FF Ep#2 Promo


(Nasir is wearing black and red cape suit[the one he usually wears and turban but has his faced covered with the cape[the time he was having the race with Yaldoz in the real serial but his face was covered])
Fatima is wearing a beautiful pink lehenga with her hair curled and open.
Nasir:May I know your name?I
*Fatima starts screaming*
Fatima:What do u think u are?? Even if I am a slave u don’t know but I am a royal slave …I will tea h u such a lesson that u will remember for life…acting like a prince because u are wearing good clothes and u…..

*Nasir is speechless (still his handsome face under the cape)..Razia enters.*
Razia:Ohh Fatima! Meet my brother and prince of this sultanate Shehzade Nasir!!! But why are u pointing a finger on him..
Fatima is still(funny music plays)

Fatima: Shehzad..we
*Nasir uncovered his face from the cape and tries to control his laugh in front of razia*
Fatima runs..Nasir stares and Razia stands there confused!

(Sorry its a long promo)

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  1. ?????…. I can’t control my laugh…. So funny

  2. Excited fr d update. Ab mere uparse pressure kam hoga.

  3. Sana167

    Thank u everyone!

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