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The soldiers lock Razia in a cell. Mirza stands outside. They both look at each other. Mirza asks Razia once again. why did you cheat me? what was missing in my love that you fell for that Yakut? She replies that he would have understood it if he was a man. Whenever Yakut pulls me to him, it feels as if all the happiness of the world is in his arms. It gives me immense peace when he touches my hairs. Mirza imagines them together. His anger is quite visible on his face. Razia continues. Touching my lips with his hands as if they are rose petals! Mirza tells her to be quiet. He pushes open the cell with his foot and holds her by her neck. I will kill him in such a way that he will beg for mercy. She says I am your culprit. What is that poor guy’s fault? Kill me. I wont regret it. Yakut has taught

me what true love is! He steps back. He locks the cell once again and leaves.

Yakut is staying in a sarai. His head is covered with a blanket. He thinks of Razia and all the times that they have spent together. A man remarks that he looks like he is in love. Yakut advises him to mind his business. Another man sits down next to him. He too is drunk. How much hatred is inside you? Love has not given anyone anything but hatred. Look at Mirza and Razia. Everyone was giving their example. Mirza has taken over Delhi and dethroned Razia. People feel bad for her. She was going to become a Sultan but she is in Mirza’s prison now. She was chained like a convict and taken to Bhatinda on foot by Mirza! Yakut gets up. He thinks that Sultana cannot be treated like this till he is there. I am coming to free you from Mirza’s detention.

Shazia apologizes to her father. I have given up. Everything is finished. Now I will not be able to live this life. I am coming to you. She is about to slit her wrist but doesn’t have that much courage. Shame on me! I don’t have strength to even fight with life or kill myself. I am good for nothing. Yakut comes there through her window. Shazia tells him to leave. Everything is finished. He reasons that he has come to help her here. Come to Bhatinda with me so we can free Sultana from Mirza. Shazia blames him for Razia’s condition. You created misunderstandings between them. Their love is in problem only because of you. Go away. He accepts his mistake. But it was Mirza’s decision to arrest Sultana and take over Delhi. The reason behind Mirza doing so is clear in front of everyone. This is the last chance to help Sultana. Let us die bravely if we have to. Atleast we will help someone. She nods.

Shah Turkan and Rukn-ud-din are still in that dark cell. Rukn-ud-din is fed up of staying there. I only hope we get out of here alive. They hear the sound of footsteps. Shah Turkan is surprised to see Yakut there. Finally you thought of me. He says I came to tell you that you should start counting your days. I will find Sultana and free her. I will help her get her rights back. When she is here she will certainly punish you. By helping Sultana maybe God will forgive my sins. Rukn-ud-din scolds him. I knew one day you will cheat us. His mother stops him from getting into a fight with Yakut. Shah Tukran appreciates his idea. Love changes people. Do you know what Razia will think of you when she finds out that you had killed Mirza’s Ammi huzur? Will she forgive you? Will she come into your arms if she finds out that it was you who insulted her and Mirza’s love in front of the whole world? She will hate you! Yakut affirms it. You are forgetting it that it is only you who knows this other than me. No one else but you can tell her of all the people. You both are not going to live for long anyways. If death does not come automatically to you then I promise you, I will make it easy for you. This secret will bury for forever then. I am leaving for now. I had come to alert you not to act smart or they will lose their life soon. Shah Turkan begs for apology but he walks away.

Mirza comes to confirm with Razia if she was speaking the truth when she spoke about Yakut or if she said all that in anger. Razia replies that it doesn’t matter now what truth or lie is. You have already accepted what you want to. I don’t want to keep any relation with a man like you. He wants to punish her for her sins. I promise you I will not even think before giving you the worst punishment. Razia suggests him to get her killed. I will keep reminding you of my cheating till I am alive. Mirza wants to make sure she does not die slow death. Your cheating will not let you live and I will not let you die. He announces his wedding with Razia. She refuses it but he is in no mood to consider it. She insists that she has cheated him. He wants to punish her by marrying her. You will curse yourself whenever you will see me. This relation, which is based on hatred, will always give you hatred. What can be the worst punishment for you than this? You will get hatred and insult from the man whom you hate most! Congratulations on the wedding Razia Sultana!

Precap: Razia shouts after Mirza. I wont marry you. It will be better to die instead of marrying you! Yakut plans to enter inside Mirza’s palace so he can save Mirza.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Why don’t they just end the show? Razia has not even started her reign and she’s arrested. This is ridiculous. If they are unaware of the actual history then why are they making fun of it? They should have researched before making this show. Was it so tough for them to do this much? Looks like they are creating their own story. Very good. Carry on.

  2. just end this show

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