Razia Sultan 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Althunia giving flowers to Razia and saying it his expression of love. She asks if he is in his senses. He says he is. She says he is shameless to speak romantic with her during sad period. He starts speaking more romantically and asks her to express his love. She says her dear ones have left her forever and asks if he knows how it feels to lose dear ones, can’t he see dead bodies, this is mourning house. He says time does not matter and whoever is born has to die, but love is always alive and will be always. She asks him to control his tongue. He says life will not stop if he shuts up. She will not stop living with her dead dear ones.

She continues to ask him to control his tongue. He says his brother was a brave warrior and died fighting, he got a best warrior death. She slaps him. He shows badi naani and says she lived her life and was about to die anyhow. She slaps again and yells at him. He then shows Qutub and says she sacrificed half of her waiting for her husband and today people. He continues provoking her and she starts beating him and cries loudly reminiscing Nasir and other’s death. He hugs to console her. Fathima comes and even she consoles her while Althunia leaves. She takes her from there.

Priest comes and performs namaz and men carry all dead bodies to burial ground. Shamshad and razia mourn wearing black dress. Razia then runs to burial ground and sees Althunia performing last rights with others.

Razia then meets Althunia in jungle and says if he is feeling guilty for her, she has forgiven him and he can leave. He says he thought she needs him. He says she does not need him and says he can go, with teary eyes. He sadly walks. Yasir comes running, hugs im from behind and requests him not to leave him alone. Althunia says he is feeling suffocated in palace, so he is going to feel fresh air. He will come back soon. Yasir says he will not let him go and requests Razia to stop Mirza.

Precap: Razia reminisces Ruknuddin walking suspiciously before killing spree and Turkan unhurt and tells Fathima that she is sure Ruknuddin and Turkan are being this killing spree.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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