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The episode starts with Mirza nursing Razia’s wounds and telling that he would have pushed old wolf Yaldos into burning coal. She asks him to calm down. He reminisces savior sultan/Razia injuring his hand and also Razia telling she does not want to marry Yaldos, so she wanted to descending via rope and elope from palace. She asks razia why she wanted to elope.

Yasir finds a ball on floor and asks asks soldier whose ball is it. Soldier says it is his and whole kingdom is his. Yasir holds ball happily and falls down due to its poison. Ruknuddin then picks ball via gloves and laughs looking at Yasir.

Mirza asks Razia to answer his question. She says she will not and asks why he asks weird questions. He says he knows answer but needs answer from her. She thinks what if he came

to know that she is savior sultan. Mirza asks if she changed her decision to marry old wolf yaldos for him. Yasir comes there limping with green face due to poison and falls unconscious.

Shamshad gets worried for Yasir and scolds Mirza for being careless. Hakeem/doc checks Yasir and says he has been poisoned. Mirza is shocked to hear that. Doc says he don’t know how to get its antidote as he does not know which poison it is. Shamshad asks him to find antidote soon. Doc says he is trying his best and if antidote is not found in 12 hours, poison will spread whole body and Yasir’s life will be at risk. Razia starts crying and pleads Mirza to do something and save junior sultan Yasir. Mirza says he was not there when massive killing happened, but now he is. He will bring antidote at any cost. Razia shouts at Yasir to wake up as Mirza has gone to bring antidote.

Daaru asks Mirza from where he will get antidote. He says he will go to kashmir and bring herbal roots from there. Ruknuddin’s puppet soldier intervenes and says he will take 3 days to reach kashmir, but Yasir has only 12 hours. He says turkan and Ruknuddin are calling him and maybe they have antidote. Mirza goes to turkan’s room who tells her usual ugly witty dialogues. Ruknuddin says he knows where antidote is. Mirza holds his collar and asks where is it. Ruknuddin’s puppets surround Mirza. Ruknuddin says he knows how to control him. Turkan says she has antidote but wants him to get savior sultan’s head in exchange of it. Ruknuddin asks him to get sultan’s head in 12 hours and take antidote.

Ruknuddin’s puppet announces in market that Ruknuddin will fight with savior sultan in lal chowk and will kill him. Razia hears that and thinks how did ruknuddin get so courageous and so suddenly, there is something to it.

Turkan tells Mirza he has to choose between prince Yasir and his dignity.

Ruknuddin’s puppet announces in market that ruknuddin will fight and kill Sultan in some time. Mirza looks at map and tells Daaru that he know how to use the map and get his mission accomplished.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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