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Razia looks at Mirza with love. When I see you I feel like I have got everything. I have been waiting for you since so long. I am very happy today after so long. Look at me. Your Mohtarma is not the Sultana of Delhi. I greet you. Your Mohtarma is ready to become your Begum. Mirza addresses her Sultan-e-Hind and greets her. She reminds him that she is his Mohtarma only. Why waste time in pleasantries? Will you not hug me? Razia begins to hug Mirza but he takes out his sword from the sheath so as to stop her. Pardon me Sultana. This isn’t a lover in front of you with some love filled dreams in his eyes. I have come to end hatred with hatred by winning over Delhi. She breaks into a smile thinking that he is joking. I got scared for a second. You act pretty well. You want to make fun of me in front

of my to-be family? Mirza says you have made a joke of me. I had no idea my love will snatch everything from me one day. I have come to snatch the very Delhi from you that made you forget our love. I have heard that Delhi has never been loyal to anyone. I have come to make that very Delhi mine today! She talks about his promise to Nani jaan. You will come with Baraat. He points out that he dint forget his promise. Delhi will become my bride. Till date, you have seen my love and friendship. Now I will show you the hatred of Malik Altunia. She tells him that this is not a time to fight. The Baraat is waiting. I have to take care of them. He points out that they are not the Baraat but fighters. They can die and kill anyone on my one askance. Attack! All the men take out their swords and repeat after Mirza. Razia looks on in shock.

Shah Turkan cannot believe is that Mirza has arrested Razia. Rukn-ud-din is confused. How did it happen? Shah Turkan says this is what happens when love turns into hatred. She laughs thinking of Razia’s fate. Rukn-ud-din asks her about it. She replies that wishes are like butterflies. The more you try to get them, the more they fly away from you. I dint get what I have been yearning for since ages. We got this jail but luckily, destiny has knocked on our doors once again. We could not give her this pain even if we had killed her. Mirza was her life. When that is finished then how will she live? Time is changing in our favour. Mirza and Razia are now enemies. The enemy of our enemy is our friend. We will have to meet Mirza.

The soldiers try to force to Razia’s soldier to accept Mirza Altunia as their new Sultan. Mirza allows them to leave Delhi if they don’t support him. Those who want to oppose this decision should be sent away from Delhi. But no harm will be done to any of the citizens. We have enmity with the rulers of Delhi and not the citizens!

Razia tells Mirza that he is doing wrong. He retorts that she is telling him this when she herself has made so many mistakes. She decides to stop him as she is the Sultana of Delhi. I will die or kill in case this is your final decision. She takes out her dagger but he holds her hand. She says you could have asked me if this is what you wanted. I would have given you everything. He replies that he snatched all that he likes. I don’t accept anything from the killers of my father. She reminds him of the circumstances in which his father died. You think I have cheated you? What have I done? He says I trusted you and your Abbu blindly. My trust in you shook when I saw you killing my Ammi.

Shah Turkan requests one soldier to make her meet his new Sultan. Free me. The soldier refuses to do so. I cannot free you. Shah Turkan shows him one of her expensive ring. If you help me in reaching Mirza then this can be yours. She throws it in fire when the soldier stands there quietly. He stops her from throwing the second one in the fire. I can take you to Sultan but canot free you. You will be taken before him in chains. Shah Turkan doesn’t mind it till the time her mouth isn’t covered. My tongue is enough to set things.

Razia tries to explain that she dint kill his Ammi but Mirza does not believe her. I was a fool that I believed you blindly. I wish I could understand things on time. I could have save Ammi Huzur’s life atleast. Razia says I dint do it. Yakub tried to create misunderstandings between us. Mirza is glad that Yakub’s truth came out before her. Shah Turkan greets him. That Yakub was our culprit but our Sultana never notices his mistakes. Her love for Yakub has blinded her. She freed him instead of punishing him. Mirza questions Razia. Why you set Yakub free when he did so wrong to you? Razia tries to explain. Shah Turkan sent Yakut to kill me. She is quoting wrong words. Mirza repeats his question. Shah Tukran replies instead. Love! You too loved once! She loves Yakub a lot. Razia slaps her. Shah Turkan smiles back. You can close my mouth but this is on everyone’s lips. What will you do? Razia tries to make Mirza understand that Yakub was only following her orders. Shah Turkan points out that Yakub dint kill her of all the people. He was loyal to you. Razia reasons that Shah TUrkan is trying to mislead him. Mirza gets Razia arrested. She is guilty in my eyes! Epi ends on Mirza’s tearful face.

Precap: Razia is chained and is made to walk bare foot around town. She feels dizzy when her Ammi holds her. I will walk with her bare foot. Mirza replies that they all are his slaves. You cannot give me orders but you have to abide by mine.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. What nonsense is this? Razia sultan was never arrested at the beginning of her reign. this is really disgusting. Someone please check the wikipedia of razia sultan. She ruled for 3 years before being arrested by Mirza for having a relation with Jamal yaqut. Yaqut will be killed. And then she married Mirza in exchange of her life and then together they revolted against razia’s stepbrother moizuddin who took over Delhi Sultanate forcefully in absence of razia. But then both Mirza and razia were defeated in the war and they escaped and then later they were killed. This is the actual story. This show is completely nonsense. Serial hai toh kya kuch bhi dikhaayenge. They are showing totally rubbish. Please don’t ruin the show.

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