Razia Sultan 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Turkan torturing Fathima to tell whom she was helping get into palace. Fathima pleads to spare her. Razia hears her voice and runs to rescue room. Just when Turkan is about to pierce hot rods into Fathima’s eyes, Razia interferes and says she knows the truth. Shamshad asks her to keep quiet. Razia says she cannot hide truth. Turkan says she is listening to her and tries to pierce rod again.

Razia stops her and says she took Fathima’s help to get out of palace as she did not want to marry Yaldos. Yaldos gets irked and orders her to walk on fire. Razia apologizes him and says she made a mistake. Yaldos says she made a sin and not mistake, so she should be punished. Razia says she will accept his punishment. He asks her again to walk on burning coal. Turkan smirks hearing that.

Razia walks on burning coal. Shamshad and Mirza feel sad for their helpleness while turkan continues her evil smile. Mirza thinks Razia loves her people so much and is really Razia Sultan. Yaldos says Razia whole kingdom people know that he is marrying her and he will at any cost and if she denies, he will kill her remaining family and make sure nobody touches their body. He kisses on her hands and says just like her feet, his heart is burning for her. Mirza fumes seeing that but is helpless.

Fathima nurses Razia’s wounds and asks why did she punish herself. Razia asks her to stop being stubborn like her enemies. Shamshad enters and asks if she wants her to suicide. Razia says no. She says her marriage with Yaldos is a last ray of hope to save this dynasty from ruknuddin and turkan’s cluth and if she continues her adamancy, everything will be destroyed. She walks out angrily. Razia tries to stop her and falls, but Mirza holds her on time.

Joker Ruknuddin tells his pr*stitute mother that Mirza easily captured savior sultan, but let her free. turkan says both mirza and razia are very loyal and she knows how to tackle them. She sees Yasir practicing sword fight.
Precap: Ruknuddin poisons Yasir and Yasir falls down in front of Razia.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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