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The episode starts with Ruknuddin scolding Turkan for taking Althunia’s side. Turkan says he did not understand her plan. They can take care of Razia and Althunia any time as they live here, but they have to tackle outsiders first who came. He asks whom she is talking about. She says Iqbal and Moizuddin are contenders of Delhi’s throne and they have to tackle them first. Servant comes and informs that someone stole sultan’s sword.

Everyone gather in Altamash’s room and Razia asks him who dared to steal his sword. Altamash says someone among us stole. Turkan says what if servants stole it. He says servants cannot even touch it and repeats some dear one stole it, looking at Ruknuddin. Ruknuddin gets nervous and says he did not and instead these new beggars stole

it, pointing at Nadira. Nadira says she is from royal family and why will she steal. Uzma taunts she must have as she is alcoholic and gambler. Nadira says her husand was a traitor and was killed. Iqbal asks how dare she is to talk about her parents. Moizuddin eunuch interferes and starts how dare he is to misbehave with woman and alleges that his harem’s women are very afraid of his cruelty. Iqbal says it is called manly power, which god did not give it to him. Moizuddin gets irked.

Moizuddin then alleges Mirza as thief. Razia asks him to mind his tongue. Nadira starts that no one knows who is mirza, so he is definitely a thief. Razia asks her to shut up. Sultan asks her to shut up and asks servant to call Mirza.

Mirza meets Altamash and says he can be anything but thief and asks him he can punish if he does not believe him. Razia comes and tries to speak. Altamash says he will punish mirza for sure and his punishment is Bhatinda’s subedari. Razia and mirza are surprised. Altamash says mirza won subedari long back when he defeated Ruknuddin in subedari competition. Razia asks how did he know that. Altamash says he is her abbu and know everything. He then announces Razia and Althunia’s marriage and hugs them both. Razia and mirza both thank him and mirza leaves to pray at dargah.

Turkan, uzma, nadri, iqbal and moizuddin fight with each other with allegations and counterallegations. Ruknuddin enters and says they are fighting here but altamash made mirza as bhatinda’s subedar and just made drama of sword missing.

Mirza goes to dargah and prays for his and razia’s happier future.

Razia thanks abbu/altamash and says she wants all waste body relatives to be out of palace. He says he has to choose Moizuddin or Iqbal as Delhi sultan. She says they are mannerless, greedy creatures, how can they become Delhi sultan. He says he does not have any choice or else he has to make Ruknuddin as sultan. She says never. He thinks he wants to make her understand that he wants her to be sultan.

Precap: Mirza and Razia get ready for their engagement.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wow its awaited episode razia and mirza engagement

  2. akhir ye sultan karna kya chahta hai !?? ek taraf shadi, toh dusri taraf razia ko sultan bnane ki tayari !! maula mere maula, ab toh tu hi kuch bata….

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