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Epi begins with Razia saying who will go against Delhi’s citizens when they wilfully want me to be the Sultan. Whoever tries to go against it will be considered a traitor and arrested. Arrest Shah Turkan and Rukn-ud-din! Everyone is pleased to see the soldiers arresting Shah Turkan and her son. Shah Turkan by mistake confesses her crime. You all are mistaken. Razia is dead. Yakub killed her upon my askance. There was blood on his sword. This cannot be Razia. Yakub interrupts her. You are mistaken. Shah Turkan is taken aback. Yakub walks up to the stage. This is Shehzadi Razia only who rightfully deserves this throne. She is our Sultan – Razia Sultana. The palace echoes with the cheers of Razia Sultan. Razia thankfully looks at Yakub while Shah Turkan looks at him in disbelief. You cheated me?

I did so many favours on you. I spared you life. This is how you pay me? He replies that he gave his life to her and not his conscience. The debt of your favours is not bigger than the citizens. How could I not listen to them? The throne of Delhi is waiting for its right successor. You cannot snatch this right from them. Shamshad Begum asks the soldiers to take the culprits away. I had told you that the curses will show their effect. You are a slave once again. It is your fate and punishment to spend the rest of your life in a cell. The soldiers take away Shah Turkan and Rukn-ud-din. Shah Turkan yet again warns Shamshad Begum to be so confident. Time can change anytime. What was my son’s mistake? A girl can sit on the throne but now my son? Just because I am a Rakassa? This Razia is greedy. She curses Razia and her family. Shamshad Begum signals the soldiers to take them away. Everyone cheers for Razia.

Yakub bows down before Razia. I am your culprit for I have broken your trust. You can give me any punishment. I will gladly accept it. Razia denies. You saved my life and fulfilled your duty. I would not have been alive today if it wasn’t for you. I am thankful to you for helping me bring out the truth of Shah Turkan. You deserve a prize. You are no more a slave to anyone. You can go anywhere you wish. Yakub looks at her in surprise. Razia repeats her words. You can return to your land. Yakub thinks of all the past moments that he has spent with her. She tells him to go. He nods and then leaves. Yasir asks Razia why she isn’t stopping Yakub when she is feeling sad after allowing him to go. Razia replies that he wont understand. She thinks that it was necessary to tell everyone how good Yakub is. He made me realise how strong I am.

The citizens are buying gifts for their new Sultan (Razia).

Shamshad Begum asks Maulavi Sahab to start the ritual of Razia’s coronation. Razia’s coronation happens following all the rituals. People cheer for their Sultan once she wears the crown. She thanks them all for supporting her. She excuses herself as Mirza must be on his way. People bless her and Mirza.

Mirza enters Delhi but is all quiet.

Shazia teases Razia as she is looking too beautiful today. Razia holds her crown in her hands. She is moved to tears to think of how proud his Abbu was to think that she will become the Sultan of Delhi after him. Abbu should have been with me today. All his dreams are going to come true. I became Sultan. Soon, I will become Mirza’s Begum. The eyes that saw this dream are now closed forever. Wish I had a little more time with him. I miss Abbu a lot. Shazia says I am away from both my mother and father but their blessings are with us. They must be happy wherever they are. She comforts Razia. A daasi comes in to inform that the Baraat is here. Razia is super excited to see Mirza. Se rushes out to see him after wearing the crown.

Mirza asks everyone to wait outside. Razia runs across the corridors so she can see her Mirza. They both come face to face on the threshold of the palace.

Precap: Razia begins to hug Mirza but he takes out his sword from the sheath. I have come to snatch the very Delhi from you that made you forget our love. She tells him that this is not a time to fight. The Baraat is waiting. He points out that they are not the Baraat but fighters.

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