Razia Sultan 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Razia Sultan 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Mirza rescuing Ruknuddin from Razia’s sword blow. He starts fighting with her. Razia thinks he is Ruknuddin’s friend now, so he is her enemy. They continue fighting. Razia’s mask falls, but she corrects it immediately. Mirza identifies her as Razia and thinks he cannot kill her as she is his mohtarama. He starts just playing around. Ruknuddin thinks what happened to him suddenly.

Yaldos takes bath to relieve itching, but itching increases instead. Fathima in her room prays god to send Razia soon before yaldos comes here.

Razia’s sword falls during fight and she jumps to pick, but gets her leg trapped into a hole. Ruknuddin’s men gather and Ruknuddin orders Mirza to kill her. Mirza stands silently. Ruknuddin says he will kill her and walks near her with sword. He is about to kill her when Mirza interferes and asks him to be so ruthless to kill a helpless man. Razia thanks him, throws bomb on floor and escapes from there. Ruknuddin angrily looks at Mirza.

Yaldos relaxes after his itching vanishes and thinks he can tolerate this itch, but not the itch of being away from Razia. Fathima prays god to send Razia beore 1 hour gets over. pr*stitute Turkan hears whistle and thinks she has stopped dancing in public now, then who is whistling for her. She walks out to check. Fathima realizes it is Razia and throws rope to get her up. Razia comes up and tells Mirza has changed party and is on Ruknuddin’s side now.

Razia gets into her room and changes clothes. Yaldos gets ready and comes to her room. She tries to fool him and he tries to get intimate. Turkan catches Fathima with rope and drags her along yelling if she does not tell whom she was helping, she will poke hot rods in her eyes. Fathima pleads to free her. Razia hears Fathima’s voice and comes.

Precap: Razia stops Turkan from piercing hot rods into Fathim’a eyes and says she was taking Fathima’s helps as she does not want to marry Yaldos.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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