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The episode starts with pr*stitute Turkan telling her son Ruknuddin that Sultan has called all his relatives to make sultan one among them. Ruknuddin asks what does she mean. She says sultan wants to make either Iqbal or Moizuddin as future sultan of Delhi. Ruknuddin says he will be bankrupt then.

Meera in front of his friend Daaru yells that Razia repeatedly told he is her would be husband, she should have kept this secret. Daaru says she loves him, so she happily announced. He says she should not have. Iqbal eunuch enters and says he hit a jackpot by trapping princess Razia to marry him. Mirza says he is mistaken. Eunuch Iqbal says he is not.

Razia tells Fathima that she is sure Altamash will accept her and Mirza’s alliance. Fathima says Uzma or Nadira may inform Altamash

what she said. Razia gets tensed.

While having dinner, Uzma praises sultan that he selected groom for Razia without informing anyone. Sultan is surprised.

Eunuch Iqbal starts taunting Mirza that he has easily trapped razia into his clutch and is very intelligent. Though he is a slave, he is very strong. Uzma on the other side praises Mirza that even being damad/son-in-law, he is taking care of them very well. Iqbal starts badmouthing about Razai. Mirza gets irked and starts beating him. He drags him till royal dining hall.

Altamash sees him beating Iqbal and asks how dare he is to touch is relative and asks him to apologize eunuch Iqbal. Turkan smirks looking at Ruknuddin. Razia asks abbu to first ask who did mistake first. Altamash stops her and orders Mirza to apologize Iqbal. Turkan intervenes and says she knows Mirza from so many days and he does not even speak loudly, Moizuddin must have done something wrong, so Mirza hit him. She asks Moizuddin what did he do. Nadira gets angry and asks how dare a dancer/pr*stitute is to question her son. Altamash asks Nadira to shut her mouth.

Turkan asks Mirza what did he do. Iqbal gets afraid and blabbers. Mirza says he is at mistake and apologizes Iqbal. Altamash orders everyone to leave. They all walk out except Mirza. Altamash asks Mirza if now he understood why he did approve him for Razia and says when a person gets angry, he forgets his dignity and everything and shows his true colors and today he showed his true colors. Mirza silently walks out. Razia listens to the conversation peeping from door.

Mirza sadly goes and sits on stairs. Razia follows him and asks what happened. He says Iqbal badmouthed about her and he got so irked that he would have killed him today. She says because of his love for her and confrontation with everyone, abbu is not accepting him. He asks if she knew about it. She says yes and knows abbu will accept him with his good qualities. She hugs him tightly.

Precap: Turkan tells Ruknuddin she got a chance to get Iqbal into Sultan’s bad books, but Mirza played spoilsport.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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