Razia Sultan 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Razia Sultan 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts Altamash following Razia’s chariot. Soldier stops him and asks who is he. Atlamash jokes he is his dad and came to take his dupatta from his mom. Soldier tries to confront him, but another soldier stop him and says let this mad man go.

Nasir angrily reminisces Altamash’s insult. Servant informs him that altamash has sent Raja markand with soldiers to invite him and family back to Delhi. Nasir gets happy.

Turkan plays chess with altamash and purposefully gets defeated. She asks if nasir will agree to follow ruknuddin’s order. Altamash, the dumbest joker, says why not. Turkan smirks and thinks she can easily manipulate this dumb joker.

Razia sees climate changing and nasir’s eagle dropping snake on her. Markand says eagle is trying

to kill her and takes out his sword to kill it. Razia says eagle must have dropped its prey by mistake and asks to spare it.

Nasir’s uncle tells sultan altamash is brainless and will do what pr*stitute turkan says, he may harm him. Nasir says he does not want to listen anything bad about his abbu.

Razia tells Fathima that Nasir’s eagle must be trying to warn her from danger. Fathima says in her tribe, eagle considered king of sky and she is right, it must be trying to message something. Razia says she just wants to unite with her family and live happily with them. Fathima says happiness has its own price. Turkan’s soldiers kill markand’s solders and overtake them.

Nasir’s uncle sultan asks his soldier to be ready to face any mishap and increase royal protection. Nasir says only his sister is coming to meet him, then why all this security. He says in politics, they have to be alert always. Razia reaches palace and meets with her family happily. Markand greets sultan and sends altamash’s message via soldier. Solider gives message and kills receiving soldier. Razia sees some soldier’s shoes clean and some solder’s dirty. Just then, all soldiers attack Nasir. Markand sees a soldier trying to kill Nasir and throws his dragger to kill solider, but Nasir thinks he is trying to kill him and beheads him.

Prostitue turkan is seen enjoying bath and with her ugly expressions reciting poem. Nasir feels dejected thinking his father sent soldiers to kill him. Turkan smirks ugly.

Precap: Turkan’s soldier tells that Altamash sent him to kill Nasir. Enraged Atlamash seeing Markand dead announces battle against Nasir to kill him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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