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Razia wonders how to enter inside the mosque as too many soldiers are guarding it. She covers her head with a chunri kept nearby and walks inside. All the people are gathered inside. They all turn to leave when Razia calls out for them. She has removed the veil off her head / face. They all look at her in surprise.

Rukn-ud-din is very excited to become the Sultan. He talks about how his dress should be made; how the palace should be decorated. Shah Turkan scolds a soldier for not updating Maulvi Sahab. Her son says I am the Sultan now. Razia will not get out of her grave. She asks him to keep a check on his words. Sometimes the words turn out to be true. I am rushing things so there is no problem in your coronation.

A courtier talks about Sultan Iltutmish’s last wish. He wanted Razia

to become the Sultan. She was good in every aspect. Maulavi Sahab talks about how they have never any woman take any front role in society. Thankfully, we have Rukn-ud-din or everything would have gone down the drain.

Razia addresses everyone. She introduces herself at first. Do justice to me. You all have been loyal to Sultan Iltutmish. His last wish was that I become the Sultan of Delhi. Shah Turkan and her son tried to kill me in their thirst for the throne. Only the capable one gets the throne. Abbu could have made me the Sultan without any competition but he dint do it. He believed that one can rule with the love of their citizens and not by force. I was chosen for the position after proving my worth / capabilities before Abbu and all of you. I have learnt it from Abbu that a Sultan looks after its citizens. We all had seen a dream together – to take Delhi to new heights. There will be no poverty, no rich or poor. Will you let anyone break this dream? Rukn-ud-din is doing that only. Citizens are the biggest strength of any state. They can change the fate if they come together and believe in something. Delhi’s people will prove it to everyone that we all are against dictatorship. We will raise our voice against the evil ones. We will end all those who try to snatch our rights from us. A lady cheers for Razia Sultan. Other people follow suit.

Shah Turkan and Rukn-ud-din enter the courtroom. Rukn-ud-din asks everyone to cheer for him as it is his coronation today. People oblige. Rukn-ud-din asks anyone to step forward who is not happy with this decision that he takes the throne now. I am no dictator. Two men raise their hands. They step forward. They believe that Razia is more suited for this position. Sultan Iltutmish had come to this decision after evaluating all the pros and cons. He took this decision for his people. How can we overlook it? Rukn-ud-din steps forward. You are right. Plus the case is sensitive. You don’t like my taking the throne today. There can be more people tomorrow who will say it. We will have to stop this disease before it spreads amongst other people. He slits the throat of both the men. No one looks happy except Shah Turkan. Rukn-ud-din asks once again if there is anyone who opposes this decision. Shah Turkan asks Maulavi Sahab to start the process of coronation. Maulavi Sahab starts his prayers.

Razia enters inside the fort along with all the people.

Rukn-ud-din eyes the crown as he sits on the throne Maulavi Sahab finishes the rituals. Shah Turkan holds the crown in her hands. I have been waiting for this moment since forever. She is about to put it on her son’s head when Razia calls out for Maulavi Sahab to stop. Everyone is surprised. Razia walks in, followed by all the people. She looks pointedly at Shah Turkan and Rukn-ud-din. Don’t become so bad that people stop believing in religion. How will you face God? Maulavi Sahab looks down. Razia openly announces it in the court that she rightfully deserves Delhi’s throne. It was my Abbu’s last wish. Who can go against Delhi’s citizens when they want me to sit on the throne? From this moment onwards, Razia Sultana’s rule starts. Whoever tries to go against it will be considered a traitor and arrested. Arrest Shah Turkan and Rukn-ud-din!

Precap: Shah Turkan by mistake confesses her crime. You all are mistaken. Razia is dead. Yakub killed her upon my askance. Yakub interrupts her. You are wrong. Shah Turkan is taken aback.

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