Razia Sultan 5th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Razia Sultan 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Razia looking her mother’s dead body and asks to dresses up nicely with bridal attire and stuff. She imagines dancing with great grand mum while she sees her dead body. She looks for Yasir and asks the servant. Althunia brings him. Yasir runs and hugs her. Kaneez informs her that nani is fine and is taking treatment.

Razia keeps hand on Yasir’s eyes and asks Althunia to take shehzada. She says it is not right for him to be here. Althunia asks shehzada to come with him. She announces that the sultanant will do the last rites of the persons killed. Kaneez informs her about something. She runs.

Althunia consoles Yasir. He says nothing has happened and protects him. Razia rushes somewhere. Althunia sees her going and follows her. She comes to Altamash’s room and sees him on the bed. Hakeem tells her that Sultan is alive and thanks the God. The guards inform Althunia. Althunia is surprised and relieved. Razia comes and sits on bed.

The hakeem informs her that he is paralysed and says we can’t tell if he will recover or not fully. Althunia offers prayers and prays for Altamash’s recovery. Razia brings the firelight and is walking past Althunia.

Yaldos, Turkan and Rukn uddin celebrate the death of Altamash and his family, He says only two love birds are alive, me and Razia. Turkan asks him to marry Razia and she will rule on Delhi. She says I fear Razia set off the lamp. Yaldos calls him Sultan E Hind Yaldos. Everyone laugh aloud. Turkan sees Razia going holding fire light and is shocked.

She informs Rukn uddin. He says how can it be possible. Yaldos says he is a strong soul. He takes out a sword and talks about sacrifice. Razia lights the big mashaal.

Someone asks Althunia not to leave Razia alone. Althunia brings bouquet for her. Razia says everyone is dead. Althunia looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I was really happy seeing a lot of ppl commenting and sharing their views on Razia Sultan… Keep going guys.. Kindly comment and make ur presence feel…. ?

  2. It was for yesterday’s episode that ppl commented on… Kindly do it for this also… Thanks to all whoever comments and shares view on Razia Sultan ?

  3. Iltumish and his the members were never mudered.. Writers kindly refer to some sources… Like wikipedia..
    But never the less this serial is nice… We just want Razia to be the SULTAN and always be with altunia… Seeing the speed I feel that the serial will end within a month or so with Razia and Altunia’s assassination by the Turkish nobles…

  4. Noooooo! I want this serial to be aired fo long! Lyk really verryyy long! And i luv it! 🙂

    1. Me tooo….

  5. Even I want it to go long Rakshi… ?

  6. But razia dont mary altunia…. ??

  7. Hey everyone read my comments on yesterday’s episode..Plzz if u have time
    .Jara sa gaur farma ke dekhna..Shayad kuch interesting pata chal jaye….Plzz its a request..

  8. This concept is totally different from the wiki..I think so that the writteers of the show have studied Minhaj-s-Siraj’s records and also of Ibn Batuta….I wish if i were present during reign time of sultan Razia I would have recorded each and everything about her personal life and Sultan life….

  9. Aree leave this ..Historians don’t even know where Sultan e Hind Razia sultan’s tomb lies …They cannot find even this much info…

  10. Whenever I watch this show , at night gazing at sky I always wonder that where Razia sultan lies in Delhi,Haryana’s Kaithal or in Rajasthan….Feels very sad at that time that such a just,wise and generous Women Sultan lies somewhere but with no description written above her tom …No info about her and Altunia just bcoz as she a woman in this world of man…

  11. It feels very ?☹ ……

    1. Plzz read my comments on yesterday’s episode everyone…….

  12. I did read! @Kashish! And yep i agree with ua points!

  13. The ongoing track is so sad! :'(
    Watching nasir die brutally was so horrible!!
    Hope everything gets well soon

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