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The episode starts with Mirza serving Nadira and her son and showing their royal room. Nadira says she does not like so much sweet hospitality and likes bitter alcohol. Mirza serves her grape and wheat alcohol and says it is sweet. She tries and continues praising his hospitality. Razia enters and Nadira asks who is Mirza. Mirza hesitates. Razia asks him to tell how he is related to her and finally says he is her would be husband. Mirza gets tensed and Nadira shocked. Razia takes Mirza from there to serve other guests. Moizuddin tells altamash has not stopped relating with slaves. Nadira says it is slave dynasty and he is following his trend.

Turkan and Ruknuddin walk in lawn and discuss why altamash must have called all his relatives. They see vaid/doc walking from Altamash’s

room and feel something is fishy.

Mirza asks Razia why did she tell he is her would be husband. she says it is their future. He says they have not yet married, so she cannot. She says when abbu has approved their marriage, what problem he has.

Iqbal yells at his mother that Razia gave them such a small room that he cannot even exercise. Uzma says she will speak to Razia. Razia with Mirza enters room and silently hear his complaint. He says he cannot exercise in this small room and needs room Altamash’s room or at least a big room like him. He taunts Razia if their place has only matchbox sized rooms like this. Mirza to divert his attention says he will help him in his exercise. Iqbal laughs that he cannot handle Multani hand and will fall down. Mirza challenges him.

Turkan stops vaid and starts acting with her crocodile tears. She gives him herbs and asks him to give it to sultan. Vaid says sultan is fine. Turkan says she knows about sultan’s illness. Vaid at last blurts out that Altamash is inching towards death each day.

Mirza arms fights with Iqbal. At the beginning, he lets Iqbal overpower him and then easily defeats him. He then asks iqbal if he needs big room now. Iqbal says no. Uzma starts praising Mirza and asks to introduce himself. Razia says he is her would be husband. Fathima comes and calls them for dinner. Mirza angrily asks Fathima to take razia away from him as he does not want to talk to her.

Turkan tells Ruknuddin that altamash is dying and must have planned something big, so he called his relatives.

Precap: Turkan tells Ruknuddin that Altamash must be making Iqbal or Moizuddin as future sultan. Moizuddin badmouths about Razia in front of Mirza and mirza holds his collar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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