Razia Sultan 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Mirza assuring Ruknuddin that he will finish savior sultan. Razia sees him and asks why is he here. He asks her to leave his way. She asks how did he come back. He says when he follows her, she says he is mannerless, but now she is following him. She says he can go anywhere, but if old goose Yaldos sees him around, he will kill him. Mirza says it is not that easy to kill him and says she cannot remove him from her heart, how will she from Delhi. He says she should have spared old goose Yaldos. She says he may die or not, but Mirza will die. She runs from there and sees Yaldos on the way.

Yaldos stops her and starts getting romantic. He tries to kiss her and she gets embarrassed. She keeps new cloth and asks him why did not he wear it. He says due to security

reasons, his bodyguards won’t let him wear new clothes before washing, but he will wear it for her. He dorns on his neck and asks how is he looking. She says it is cloth’s goodluck that he is wearing it. He tries to get intimate and asks her to be with him like this cloth. she gets embarrassed. He starts scratching himself. She smirks. He disperses.

Razia wears savior sultan’s clothes. Fathima says she has to teach ruknuddin a lesson and come back within 1 hour before yaldos’ scratching effect vanishes. She descends her room’s balcony via rope and reaches jungle where ruknuddin is hiding. Children see her and shout sultan ki jai ho. She asks them to help her.

Ruknuddin while walking with soldiers and Mirza tells Mirza that he did wrong by taking him along as he had easily defeated him the other day. His head puppet asks if he really did. Mirza says yes and starts praising Ruknuddin that he uses sword as if a pr*stitute is dancing. Ruknuddin asks what does he mean. He says he mean like a true warrior fighting. Ruknuddin says he is hungry and asks him to bring something to eat.

Mirza climbs tree, plucks mangoes and enjoys sweet ones. He gives sour ones to Ruknuddin and stares. Ruknuddin scolds him and sends to bring water. Mirza leaves. As Razia told, children start making animal sounds. Soldiers start searching animals and a big wooden plaque falls on,leaving them unconscious. Ruknuddin hears horse sound and thinks Mirza must be coming, but Razia comes. He takes out his sword with great confidence that he will kill sultan now, but Razia easily in one swift kicks on his butt and throws him on ground. He says she challenged to fight in front of people and is cheating. She says she came here to take him there and starts beating him and just when she is to kill him, Mirza intervenes and starts fighting with her.

Precap: Turkan catches Fathima peeping from balcony with rope. Razia fights with Mirza and he identifies her as mohtarama.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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