Razia Sultan 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Razia Sultan 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

One Person tells Mirza that Shamshad called him,Mirza goes..Razia cries..Turkan laughs..Shamshad explains Mirza and tells that One day all have to die and have to bear pain,Shamshad asks If he thinks Razia is murderer??Mirza tells that he Promises after the Crown Cermony will marry Razia..Mirza goes..Razia hides and sees everything..Mirza and Haroon goes,
One Person stops Mirza tells that he is the Soldier Of Bhatinda and welcomes him here for the first time,Mirza sees the whole army..Soldier tells that that He felt bad about his mother and Whole Bhatinda is with Mirza..Haroon tells that Mirza was an a orphan,Poor and traveller..Now is the Subedar of Bhatinda a Politician have name and famous..Soldier tells that there terms are not good with Delhi sultanate always,And the culprit will be punished.At Palace Razia tells Fathima that Mirza’s mother was like her own mother she ignored all her mistakes and accepted but Suddenly this incident happened Fathima tells that Mirza lost everything..Razia tells that she will never Forgive the one who did this..Shamshad comes and ask Razia which Crown she would prefer Razia replies anyone,Shazia asks what happened?Razia tells That Mirza did’nt forgave her,Anotherside Soldier tells that they will take the revenge from Delhi They asks for Mirza’s permission..Mirza tells that He appreciate everyone’s opinion but Promised that will Marry,Another side one minister tells Razia that they have sent invitation to Ajmer and all cities..Shamshad comes running,Razia asks is everything alright??
Shamshad tells that Mirza is Coming for Wedding,Razia gets happy hugs Shamhad..Razia tells that whole Delhi will be decorated like Bride and they will celebrate..Fathima asks If Mirza wanted to eat “Biryani” then what will Razia do,Razia replies that she will cook..Shazia asks If both Razia and Mirza wanted to spent time together and also have to read the letter’s of People.Razia tells that she will read letter with Mirza,Shamshad tells Razia has solutions of all Problems,Shamshad puts Crown..Razia sees herself in Mirror and gets happy,Mirza wears Sehra..

Precap::Shamshad tells that Razia looks beautiful Turkan Promises Yaqut that Mirza and Razia’s wedding will never take place

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