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The episode starts with Razia as a savior sultan reaching market where Ruknuddin is about to kill innocent people. Mirza is shocked to see her and thinks if mohtarama is here, then who is there with old man Yaldos. Fathima entertains oldie yaldos hiding her face. Razia fights with all puppet soldiers and kills them all. She easily easily frees innocent people and challenges ruknuddin to fight with her. Head fights with her and she defeats them. Ruknuddin sends more soldiers to capture her, but she throws bomb and flees from there. People get panic. Turkan tells Ruknuddin that they should leave before situation gets out of control and flees. Mirza thinks he has to find out the secret now and runs towards palace.

Yaldos gets inebriated and tries to get intimate with Fathima thinking her

as Razia. She pushes him and gets injured in between. Yaldos sees blood and runs out to bring medicine. Razia comes back and exchanges her clothes with Fathima soon. Mirza rushes towards Razia’s room and asks servants if they saw Razia going out. They say she is inside with Yaldos and Yaldos instead rushed out. He enters in to check and servant follows. Razia asks servant to leave. Mirza says razia that she cannot be razia as he just now saw princess saving innocent people from cruel ruknuddin. He turns her face and is shocked to see Razia. She says she cannot help herself, then how will she help him. She is so much ill fated that she is marrying old goose Yaldos in a few days. He sadly walks out. Fathima comes out and says shcomes out of e did wrong with him. She says she had to do this for Mirza’s safety.

Mirza sadly comes out Razia’s room. Oldie Yaldos brings doctors/hakeems to nurse Razia’s wounds and identifies Mirza as the one who brought Razia to Ghazni and being in her room often. Mirza walks reminiscing seeing savior sultan and Razia telling she cannot help herself. He clashes with Yaldos, apologizes and leaves. Yaldos realizes that he is razia’s love and she is resisting him because of him.

Yaldos enters Razia’s room and asks her to get her wound nursed. She says it is a small cut and she is fine. He insists, but she resists. He leaves.

Shamshad informs comatosed Altamash about savior sultan who is protecting kingdom people from Ruknuddin and turkan and is a new ray of hop.e

Yaldos calls his assassins and orders them to bring mirza dead or alive.

Precap: Yaldos’ assassins capture Yaldos and Razia is seen running calling Mirza…

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yaldos just stay away from razia she loves Mirza….

  2. Ahhh.. I wish WO assassins jake uss budhe ko hi marr de!

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