Razia Sultan 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with pr*stitute Turkan shedding fake tears and telling Altamash that she warned Ruknuddin not to misuse his power and trouble kingdom people. She is ashamed that she is her mother and tries to stab herself. Altamash stops her and says she cannot punish herself for Ruknuddin’s mistake, Ruknuddin will be punished though.

Altamash in front of his family tells Ruknuddin made a big sin by troubling kingdom people and will be stripped of all his luxuries. Razia says Turkan is behind Ruknuddin. Turkan starts acting again. Altamash says he knows Turkan is responsible for Ruknuddin’s cruelty, but he has already lost many family members and cannot lose more. He hugs her and asks if she trusts him. She nods yes.

Mirza walks towards Altamash’s room with

Daaru and boasts that he will impress Altamash with his intelligent talks. Fathima comes from behind and asks him to get in. He nervously gets in and sees Altamash busy reading something. Altamash sees him and asks why did he come in. Mirza blabbers nervously. Altamash asks if he still in sleep. Mirza says yes and then no…. Altamash asks what does he need. He says his guidance. Altamash says his guidance and blessings will be always with him, but he wants to gift him something and asks what he needs. Mirza says marriage…Altamash asks what.. He says shehzadi/princess. Alatmash asks what….He says Shehzadi Raziya’s marriage. Altamash says Razia’s marriage will happen, who will stop it.. Mirza says he is right. Altamash says he has decided he will let Razia marry whom she loves and asks his opinion. Mirza says his thought is very good. Altamash asks what does he need. Mirza says nothing.. Altamash asks him to eat marijuana less as he is stumbling. Mirza says he does not and walks nervously.

Razia stops mirza and asks if he spoke to her abbu about their marriage. He says yes and boasts himself. Razia jokes and acts as sultan coming there and asks if mirza discussed about their marriage. Mirza gets tensed and starts blabbering. Razia laughs that he was just boasting. Mirza says he will kidnap her and marry. Razia says her abbu will punish him. He says he is not afraid of abbu. Just then soldier announces that sultan Altamash is passing by. Razia hides behind curtain and mirza stands bending his head. Once Altamash leaves, Razia laughs that he is afraid of her abbu. He says he respects her abbu and is not afraid.

Turkan reaches Ruknuddin’s room and he shouts on her. She asks him to trust his mom and soon he will know her plan.

Precap: Turkan scolds Razia and Razia asks her to lower her voice as things have changed with her abbu getting conscious again. Turkan sees Razia and Mirza’s romance and thinks she will use their mistake into her favor and punish them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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