Razia Sultan 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Razia Sultan 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mirza”s mother is dead..Razia standing with Sword..Mirza is shocked to see…Yaqut,Shamshad,Turkan Everyone comes..
Turkan tells that Razia killed Mirza”s mother..Everyone is shocked..Shamshad tells to shut up otherwise will remove her tongue..Turkan tells to see blood stained Sword…Mirza is shocked and freezed..Turkan tells that all evidence are against Razia..Turkan tells atleast Razia should have rejected the wedding proposal..Mirza is shattered sits
Turkan smiles..Razia tells Mirza to say something..Mirza holds Razia hand and pushes away,He tells to leave him alone…Shamshad and Shazia takes Razia away…Ruknuddin,Turkan goes away..
In her room Turkan dances..Turkan tells that today Mirza and Razia’s wedding broked..Turkan dances again..Hakim tells Fathima that Razia is shocked and unconsious..Razia sees dream and gets up..Mirza sits near his mother’s dead body and thinks the time spend with her…Haroon comes and tells they have to take mother’s body..Anotherside Razia washes her hand and cries…Yaqut asks why Razia is washing her hands..Razia tells that they are blood in her hands..Yaqut tells to see carefully as they are no blood….Razia cries tells Yaqut that Mirza thinks she is the culprit But she is innocent…Yaqut hugs Razia and tells Everything will be fine…Razia runs..Mirza in black dress..Razia comes running and tells that she also want to come..Mirza refuses tell that Razia have to stay for Crown ceremony..Razia tells that mother is not between them and she dont care about crown..He says that life will not stop by someone’s death..Razia is shocked..

Precap::Shamshad tells Mirza that Razia is innocent.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. this wasvso sad ab ….kya hoga.inki shadi kab hogi ab.

  2. ye kya hai ANSARI why are u not uploding episodes. written update is the only way of reading razia sultan for me so pls upload missing episode highly thankful to u

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