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Altamash tells the old lady that he will free her at only one condition If she left Delhi,Old lady tells that since twenty years is waiting for revenge,Altamash tells that life is to short for love and she is talking about revenge,Old lady asks why don’t he kill him…Altamash tells to sit and think..Shamshad tells Razia to eat sweet..Razia tells enough..Shamshad tells in Jungle didn’t ate anything,Razia tells okay…Shamshad goes..Mirza tells to see the atmosphere is very romantic,She tells that will kill him as infront of everyone acting like this..Altamash comes and congrats Razia and bless to stay happy,Everyone sits..Altamash tells to present Yaqut..Yaqut comes..Razia smiles and sees Yaqut while Mirza sees her,Turkan acts and meets old lady,She tells lady that Altamash is not good and soon she will fool and go from Prison,Lady tells to help her..Turkan tells she dont know anything about her..
Lady tells that Altamash killed his husband brutally..Altamash tells Yaqut that he is Lucky that Razia caught her..Yaqut tells that he is guilty and to kill him,Razia interrupts and tells wanted to say the truth which is hidden..Altamash gives permission..Razia tells that Yaqut is innocent and did all for the people of Baluchistan who suffered Poverty,hunger because of Ruknuddin..
Old lady tells that her husband was Subedar of Bhatinda and she dont care that she lost money,power but her Son was killed by one of the friend of Altamash whose name is Jamaluddin…Another-side Altamash finds out that Yaqut is Son of Jamaluddin and tells that he was very obeidient and a very dear friend,Old lady tells that her son was raised under Haji Jamal…Turkan is shocked..She asks if son eyes were blue?Lady tells yes..Turkan tells that Mirza is the Son of lady..Altamash tells Yaqut during Ruknuddin reign they suffered alot,He cannot change that but he will never ignore the requirement and now wanted to give some gift..Yaqut tells that now Razia wil be the Sultan of Delhi..Ruknuddin gets up and tells that still she is contender..Altamash tells to sit..Yaqut tells that Razia has many enemy and request to become the bodyguard of Razia..Mirza angrily sees Yaqut.

Precap::Turkan tells Mirza to follow her as she will meet the old lady..Mirza sees angrily

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. ye kya ho raha h serial m ab mirza kya karega

  2. thanks ANSARI for updating so early

  3. now I got that old lady is mirzas mom

  4. and because of mirzas mom and yaqut mirza will rebel against razia it happened in history also and in this serial also it will happen it will nor be a happy ending

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