Razia Sultan 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Mirza being arrested for killing yaldos and hanged to beheaded.

Yaldos son travels on horse with his soldiers towards Delhi to attend his father’s wedding. A messenger informs him that Yaldos is no more. He is shocked to hear that and heads with his arm towards Delhi to punish his father’s killer.

Mirza is cofined to a beheader by Turkan and Ruknuddin and Turkan alleges him for fabricating a fake story to take revenge from Yaldos. Mirza says he did not. Yaldos’s son comes with arm and shouts outside army that he needs head of his father’s killer, else he will destroy whole Delhi. Ruknuddin says mirza should be handed over to Yaldos’ son yousuf. Razia pleads that mirza did not any mistake and yaldos got punishment for his sin.

Mirza says he is happy she understood him. Ruknuddin orders to behead Yaldos. Razia pleads Shamshad to save mirza. Sultan Altamash enters and stops. Everyone are surprised to see him healthy and out of coma.

Razia and Shazia happily run and hug their father sultan Altamash. Razia says she is very happy seeing him and asks him not to leave them again. He then goes and tells Shamshad that he could hear her voice even in coma. pr*stitute Turkan starts her fake concern that she was lifeless without him. Razia says him that Mirza is innocent. He says he knows and tells once he went into coma, rats like yousuf are daring to confront him.

Yousuf enters and tells ruknuddin that he needs mirza’s life in exchange of yaldos’s life and if he stops, he will be responsible for Delhi’s destroyal. Altamash turns and yousuf is shocked to see him. Altamash says he is still alive and active and nobody should dare to confront him. Yousuf says according to ghazni’s rule, he needs mirza’s head in exchange of yaldo’s life. Altamash says that means he should be killed. Yousuf says his father was innocent and asks what proof he has that his abbu is a culprit. Altamash says he remembers yaldos requesting him to let professional killers inside palace and says if he really wants blood, he should first fight with him and he will kill him for killing his son Nasir.

Precap: Ruknuddin panics in front of her mother that Altamash will take back his crown. Razia tells Altamash about ruknuddin’s sins and troubling kingdom people. Altamash says ruknuddin will be punished.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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