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Iqbal tells that their condition is because of Ruknuddin,Yaqut comes and tells to quiet..Moizuddin calls Yaqut animal and tells may be he killed Razia,,Razia comes back..She tells that she free them all and Yaqut is also going to delhi,Three of them are shocked.Anotherside at Palace Zaroon ask Mirza didn’t he gone to save Razia??Mirza tells that Thought about delhi Sultanate and came back,He sees army taking old women and tries to stop them..Mirza asks one person about the old-women..He tells that its special army of Altamash and they cannot stop them,Mirza tells will ask Altamash directly.
Ruknuddin tells Razia that how can she trust thief Yaqut,Iqbal apologises for what happened and he is brother its his responsibility to protect her and tells Ruknuddin and Moizuddin that if Razia wanted would have gone alone but released them its her kindness,Iqbal tells that he will give his life for her,Razia thanks Iqbal and tells Yaqut its time to leave for delhi.
Mirza asks Altamash about the Old lady,He tells that many people come to meet him and dont remember anyone..Mirza shows the flag and his drawings to Altamash and again asks,Altamash scolds and tells that he dont remember..One of the Minister comes and inform that Razia successfully captured Yaqut and is returning to Delhi,Altamash gets happy and tells Mirza to arrange a party,,Turkan listens and tells something is fishy..Altamash goes in a secret place and meets a old lady..Turkan somehow fools the army and goes in the Prison..Razia,Yaqut,Moizuddin,Iqbal and Ruknuddin comes to Delhi..Razia search Mirza,she runs and comes Mirza too comes..Both look at each other and hugs..Yaqut comes in between..

Precap::Yaqut is presented infront of Altamash,He asks what Yaqut want..Yaqut tells he want to become bodyguard of Razia,Mirza sees angrily Yaqut

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. nice episoďe but yaqoot .. ……. kabab m haddi

  2. body gaurd banege shakal dekhi h apni aayene m yaaqoot miya

  3. Thanks for update

  4. I loved the last 4 lines I loved it very much……

  5. yar….yeah Yakut na agar alzia ki luvstory ka kabada kiya toh….marayga

  6. yaqut bahut ajeeb hai

  7. M damn sure dat bcz f dis yaqut der will b rift between razia n mirza….bcz accordn 2 history its bcz f yaqut mirza will rebel against razia n also defeat hr n kill yaqut….bcz f him mirza will turn villain n imprison razia….

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