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The episode starts with Yaldos gifting bridal dress to Razia and asks to wear it. Razia asks if he has forgotten that she is mourning her family’s death. He says he remembers and he wants her to just wear it now and she knows he is very emotional and does not like listening no. She agrees. He continues that lifeless cloth is better than him that touches her both.

Ruknuddin’s men enter a lady’s house who opposed and arrest her and whole family. Puppet soldiers gather kingdom people and Ruknuddin addresses them that these people disobeyed sultan Ruknuddin and as per kingdom’s room, they will be beheaded. If they want to be spared, Sultan has to come here. Lady shouts that sultan will come and save her. Althunia who is present there thinks of informing Razia and leaves. His friend Daru asks who is sultan. He says even he wants to know who he is.

Fathima rushes to Razia’s room and informs her about Ruknuddin and turkan’s torture on people. Razia says she sacrificed many times for her and even now she has to. Fathima says her life is hers and she can do anything for her. Mirza tries to enter room, but Fathima stops him and says he cannot enter as Razia is wearing bridal attire on yaldos’s insistence and next month they are marrying. He peeps into room and sees Razia sitting in a bridal attire. He walks out and thinks of going himself as sultan.

Ruknuddin addresses people that if sultan does not come, traitors will be killed like a dog. He asks them to throw stone on traitors, but nobody throws. He asks his puppet to tell that if don’t obey him, they will be killed under elephant. Puppet also orders, but nobody does. Ruknuddin says he will throw stone first. Mirza enters silently masking his face and kills puppet soldiers one by one.

Yaldos sees Fathima in a veil, thinks her as Razia and starts praising her beauty.

People continue chanting sultan and Razia reaches there.

Percap: Mirza is shocked to see Razia as savior and thinks how can she be at 2 places.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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