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Razia runs,Yaqut runs back of her..Suddenly she disappear’s..Yaqut asks If she is scared or hidden..Suddenly he falls into a trap laid by Razia One big wooden Piece hits him and he faints,Another side at Place Mirza tells that he is going to Save Razia and its like Going against the DELHI SULTANATE and He is stuck in between One side is Love and other side is Delhi..Razia ties Yaqut,He awakes..Yaqut tells he did a mistake Saving her but she is not brave..Razia tells that bravery is not in Battle or Fights,She caught alive and it was a challenge for her..Now she will Give him to Altamash..Yaqut tells He will see How she can take him.Many people comes and block the way…
In Palace Altamash Offers and Pray to Allah to save Razia from evil eyes,Some-one comes from backside and

attacks Altamash..Its a old lady,Altamash is shocked..The Lady tells that whole twenty year’s she prayed for death..Altamash call his Army and tells to drop the old lady to some secret place..The Lady curses Altamash..Razia tells the People to Let her go.Old lady tells that Their life is because of Yaqut..Razia tells that Yaqut is a animal and is a big thief..Old lady tells that Yaqut is a saviour and kind hearted helped many poor..
Yaqut tells he is standing against Injustice..Razia asks what Injustice??Yaqut tells that no shelter,no food and water are available…Their lands were encroached..
Yaqut explains tells that he would not have done this then all would have died of Poverty and Hunger..She tells that Altamash is a pious Man and loved Justice..Razia tells that Altamash is not like that..May be Ruknuddin was Ruler at that time..She tells them all to come along with her and talk to Altamash..They denies..Razia opens the rope and tells to kill her or to meet Altamash its their choice..Yaqut is shocked tells that she belongs to royal family and doing this much for them,Razia tells that Delhi people are more important for her..Yaqut tells that he is agree to come along with him..Razia thanks him..Yaqut tells that he wanted to give some gift and ask Razia!!Razia tells to forgive her brother’s..Yaqut gets shocked and tells that her brother’s tried to kill her by giving Poison..She tells that its about difference in thinking..

Precap::Razia tells Yaqut they have to leave for Delhi..Yaqut tells himself he was looking for a chance to go Delhi and He got that because of Razia

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. nice episode ab dekho aaj k episode m kya hota h

  2. looking and waiting for yaaqoot and mirza scene

  3. thanks for updating ANSARI

  4. nice episode but where is 25th August s written episode I wants to read it

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