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The episode starts with people getting worried seeing qutub minar being destroyed by Ruknuddin’s puppet soldiers. A lady says qutub minar is an epitome of history and cannot be destroyed so easily. Solider’s head comes and tries to frighten lady. She says nobody is afraid of him. He pushes her. Just then, Razia as masked savior sultan enters and saves woman on time. Head says he was waiting for her, he will behead her and gift her head to ruknuddin. Razia beats them all.

Yasir plays sword fight with soldiers and says he is real sultan. Ruknuddin enters, scolds soldiers and shoos them. Yasir says he is real sultan and ruknuddin is fake. Ruknuddin angrily throws him in air. Mirza holds him on time and asks ruknuddin to try his bravery with him instead of a child.


beats all puppet solders. Head then starts fighthing, but she easily overpowers him and orders him to go and tell his boss ruknuddin joker that Qutub minar is not his property and if he tries to harm it or kingdom people, shhe will not spare him. Head runs from there. People start chanting sultan sultan..while Razia leaves in horse.

Ruknuddin starts fighting with Althunia. Althunia overpowers him, but stops seeing turkan there. Ruknuddin holds sword on his neck and says he told him he can easily defeat him and asks him to think before fighting with him again. Once he leaves, Turkan stops Althunia and even a blind can say who won this fight and asks why did he accept defeat. He says he does not want to get into trouble confronting ruknuddin. She asks then why did he fight. He says he wanted a bit of exercise and know Ruknuddin’s strength. She asks him to keep his exercise away from here, else he will be killed. He says he does not care about life at all and leaves greeting her khudahafiz.

Shamshad calls Mirza Althunia and thanks him for protecting ives him Yasir from ruknuddin. She gives him gold coin. He says he does not need reward for fulfilling his duty as razia had asked him to take care of Yasir. Shamshad says it is her husband’s coin and is priceless for her. He accepts it. She says just like him, savor sultan is also helping people without any greed. Once she leaves, he asks Fathima if Razia is sultan. She changes topic and runs from there.

Turkan reminisces Althunia’s fight and easily accepting defeat and asks servant to find out who he is.

Precap: Yaldos gifts razia a bridal dress and says it is her nikah dress. Razia and Althuia are shocked to hear that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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