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The episode starts with Mirza not finding a killer man who knows Yaldos’ secret and goes in search of him. He finds him i torture chambers and rescues him from under acid well and says he will take him to vaidya/doc soon. Man asks him to take him where yaldos is first.

Yaldos before his marriage reminisces Altamash apposing his marriage with Razia and thinks he had to kill everyone to marry Razia. Nikah starts and qazi asks razia if she accepts yaldos as her husband. Shazia asks her to say yes. Razia says qubool hai/I agree twice and just when she is to repeat thrice, Mirza comes with man and stops her.

He says this marriage cannot happen as Yaldos is a murderer. Samshad asks him how dare he is allege Yaldos. pr*stitute Turkan asks joker ruknuddin to throw him out. Mirza

says this man knows who is behind nasir and other family members’ murders and asks him to tell who is it. Man points at Yaldos and says sultan yaldos. Yaldos says he is lyin. Man says he is not and gives proof. Yaldos throws dagger ad kills him and asks soldiers to throw mirza out of palace.

Shamshad is shocked to see his changes behavior. Yaldos with stammering voice tells he is lying and orders qazi to complete nikah. Soldiers catch mirza. Mirza throws them all on floor and slaps yaldos for killing razia’s family. he falls on ground and orders soldiers to kill him. Mirza sends them all out, locks door ad says just like he killed everyone by locking doors, he will kill him today. Yaldos says it would have been better if he would have killed him. Shamshad asks Razia what is happening. Razia says it is true, yaldos tried to kill him. Yaldos picks sword and starts beating mirza. He throws him on floor and walks towards him with sword. Razia tries to rescue mirza, but shamshad holds her (savior sultan who can beat whole army cannot free herself from an woman…).

She orders mirza to get up and take revenge of her each tears. Mirza gets up and beats yaldos like a mad mad dog reminiscing qutub and other’s dead bodies and razia walking on burning coal. He stabs yaldos with sword and kills him.

Precap: Soldiers capture mirza and are about to hang him. Yaldos’ son comes and shouts at Ruknuddin to hand him over mirza’s head, else he will destroy whole delhi. Just when mirza is about to be hanged, sultan altamash comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. At long long last something good came out today,I want the same thing to happen to that turka and her son

  2. Wow…ab aayega maza…altamash pls throw dis shah turkan n dat joker ruknuddin out f palace….or hang them…n mk razia heir 2 d throne

  3. After so long time episode will be relieving becoz altmash is back

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