Razia Sultan 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Ruknuddin,Moizuddin and Iqbal are taken by some unknown people..Another-side at Palace,In kitchen Mirza tells all minister that they will cook food,One of the Minister Asks as there are already Seprate Cook in the Palace Mirza tells they will make something unique,All minister’s start cook along with Mirza..After some time Altamash smells Zafran and asks one his minister,And Shamshad asks one of the servant about the food,Turkan tells Uzma and Nadira that all delicious and tasty food are cooked for Shaahi Family and they are treated as beggar,
Mirza tells Naser to taste the food..Naser tells its delicious..Razia gets up and finds herself at a new place..She tries to run..One old women comes and stops her,Razia asks what is this place..The Old women tells to eat food..Razia denies..Allah

rakha comes along with Mirza letter..Razia reads it and gets happy..Altamash comes in room and sees different varieties of Cooked Soup,Food,Jalebi many more things and asks Shamshad about the of food…Shamshad tells she too came to find out..Mirza comes and tells he made that as Razia is worried about them they didn’t did Lunch..Shamshad smiles..While Altamash eats and appreciates Mirza,tells that he is good chef..Shamshad tells Mirza she will serve Food,Mirza tells “JALEBI” is his favourite..
Turkan and Mirza bumps at each other..Turkan tells to see and wal otherwise may fall,,She taunts and tells that forever he should Practise Cooking as Razia will never come…Mirza Promises that If Razia would not return safely then Ruknuddin,Moizuddin and Iqbal would not be alive Mirza goes..
Another side Moizuddin,Iqbal and Ruknudddin are kidnapped..Moizuddin cries an tells that he dont want to capture Yaqut as feared about his death and request to release him,He tells that his mother is rich and will give money..One person laughs and asks How much money he will give??That Person Points Moizuddin and tells Such coward people will catch Yaqut??..Moiz sees Fire and asks??Person tells to put them into fire..Ruknuddin tells dog always a tiger in his own locality Once to open him he will show them all……Razia asks the Old women about the tall,Fair,Guy..she replies only one person helps injured women and that is Yaqut..Yaqut comes and tells that who talk can never fight..Ruknuddin and everyone is shocked..Old women tells Razia to rest..She denies and says she have to go..Razia asks why yaqut saved her and didn’t killed and took revenge from Altamash..Old women tells that Yaqut is honest,help poor women and good..Razia tells she promised to her father capture and bring Yaqut..Old women tells that she is scared who will save Razia from Yaqut..

Precap::Mirza ask permission from Altamash..He denies..Mirza goes Baluchistan

Update Credit to: Ansari

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