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The episode starts with Razia asking Turkan to taste her prepared food. Turkan tastes and is surprised it is so tasty. Razia taunts her that it is made from special spices. Turkan gets irked.

Shazia informs Shamshad that Razia prepared a tasty food and everyone are praising her culinary skills. Shamshad thinks how did Razia learn cooking. Servant informs that monument construction workers want to meet her. She meets them and they praise Altamash at first and then inform her about Ruknuddin trying to break qutub minar and wanting to erect firozi minar in place of it. They request her to stop Ruknuddin. She says she cannot do anything and walks in.

Mirza eats Razia’s tasteless food and imagines her on the plate. Razia walks searching him murmuring how dare he is to serve thrown

food to guests. She asks Yasir if he saw Mirza. He says Mirza is in kitchen. She goes to kitchen and starts throwing vegetables on him and yelling. He calms her down. They both then look into each other’s eyes and start laughing loudly. She says he would have seen Turkan’s tensed face and continues laughing. He starts staring at her.

She sees him eating her food and tries to throw it. He warns her dare not to throw his mohtarama’s food as it is tastiest in the world for him. He says if she thinks he would allow old Yaldos to taste his mohtarama’s food, she is wrong as only he has right on it. Razia gets emotional hearing is words and starts looking at his face. She then gets conscious and says she has to go and feed medicines to her abbu. He holds her hand and calls her sultan. She says she is not sultan. He says she is and tells a sher/snippet.

Shamshad goes to comatosed Altamash’s room and starts crying. She asks him to open his eyes and see how his kingdom and people are being troubled. She says she was angry on him after her husband Aibak made him sultan, but now she realized his value. She continues that Ruknuddin is trying to destroy qutub minar and other monuments. Razia comes and gets sad seeing Shamshad crying. She thinks she will stop Ruknuddin now.

Precap: Ruknuddin pushes Yasir and shouts that he is sultan. Razia as savior sultan punishes Ruknuddin’s puppet soldiers and says she will not spare anyone who will dare to harm Qutub minar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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