Razia Sultan 21st August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Razia falls on ground and sees Mirza,Razia tells to promise her take care of family,He smiles and see….Mirza smiles and gives his hand..Razia gives her hand but shocked to see him disappeared..Razia faints thinks all the moments spent with Mirza,Song plays in background..At palace Mirza tells Altamash they will build a small lake..And it will be 20miles long..Altamash tells that water from lake brings Sand which destroy land..Mirza tells he have got a solution,He will make a bridge..Minister’s goes..Altamash faints,Mirza asks that he eaten the food
Altamash replies and says no as its his wish and appreciates his choice of making lake..Mirza tells shamshad to force Altamash to eat food..Shamshad tells she will ask,Mirza sees Shamshad’s food and tells she is also hungry and goes..Mirza asks Naser why he did”nt eat,Naser tells he is worried of Razia..Mirza tells Minister’s to come to kitchen..
Another-side Rukuddin,Iqbal and Moizuddin moves in jungle..Moizuddin says that Razia would be killed till now…Ruknuddin notices a small boy about yaqut,Boy refuses..Ruknuddin offer’s coins and asks about Yaqut,,The Small boy makes some noise..Many of tribal people comes and attack three of them,Ruknuddin throws coins and tells to take all..Razia is unconscious…One Body builder,Tall and fair looking person comes and sees Razia..He moves Hair’s from.her forehead with His Sword..He picks up Razia and takes along with him..

Precap::Turkan advise Mirza to learn Cooking as Razia will never return,Mirza Promises that If Razia would not return safely then Ruknuddin would not be alive

Update Credit to: Ansari

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