Razia Sultan 1st June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Yaldos and Altamash’s conversation. Yaldos thinks he refused my alliance with Razia and invited enmity. Shah Turkan offers drink to Yaldos. He drinks it. Razia is seen in the horse shed and is sleeping. Althunia sees her waking up. Razia asks what is this misbehavior? Why did you bring me here? Althunia says he doesn’t had any other option and apologizes. He recalls bringing her here and says it was his helplessness. He needs to know the answers for his questions. Razia tries to say. Althunia keeps hand on her lips, and takes her in his arms. They stare each other lovingly.

Althunia makes her rest on the grass. Khuda….plays………………Althunia asks can I ask you, why did you do that and why? He says time’s nature is

strange. Can’t know if it is bad or good. He says shall I think that you have changed a prince. Razia says I haven’t changed nor you have changed, it is just time which has changed. Althunia tries to speak. Razia keeps hand on his lips and the silence follows while Althunia feels her touch and closes his eyes. Razia gets emotional and says she is going to be Malika of Ghazni Sultanant.

Rukn Uddin smirks after lighting the houses on fire. He sees the people running and smiles. Yaldos tells Altamash that he is feeling unwell. Altamash asks him to rest. He asks about Razia. Later he praises Qutub. She smiles.

Althunia asks what are you saying? Razia says she is going to marry Sultan Yaldos in some days. Althunia gets shocked and says it is not possible. I won’t let this happen. Razia sees him holding her hand and says you will increase my troubles. She asks him to go, leaving Delhi. Althunia says am I increasing your troubles? I wants to move troubles from your way. Why you are marrying Yaldos as he is big sultan. Razia shouts. Althunia says he will take her out from this trouble too and asks her to decline to Yaldos. Razia syas you are not understanding the matter.

Althunia says only a mad girl can marry elderly guy. Razia says she has given tongue to Yaldos already. Althunia says rich people give heart to someone and marry someone. Razia says Yaldos took my promise before coming to Delhi. He says he will come with me and puts the condition. He will initiate a war if I refuses marriage. She says how shall I push everyone for the troubles. Our love seems to look small infront of all the people. I can’t break their hopes. Althunia is shocked and teary eyed. Razia says if we talk about love then it would be wrong.

Razia tries to go. Althunia asks her to answer for his one last question. He says I understood that time is against us. He says if it changes then your answer would be same. Then also you don’t accept my love. Razia looks on sadly. Tuhi Khuda…….plays……….

Turkan’s friend kills everyone at the palace. Althunia saves the people from the fire. Razia comes to the palace and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. A cute 1! 🙂

  2. Update razia sultan 2 june plz

  3. Niceeeeeeeeeeee

  4. yes very emotional episode…… H Hasan can u plz update the 2nd june episode fast…. Razia should have said yes to Altunia…. This will create many troubles and misunderstandings between the two of them…

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