Razia Sultan 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Razia Sultan 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Iqbal,Ruknuddin,Moizuddin and Razia sees a red flag and skeloton in the way.Razia informs that Yaqut’s area has started from here they have to be cautious..Iqbal,Moizuddin and Ruknuddin looks at each other..Iqbal replies that they are not wearing bangles in their hands to take help from her,Ruknuddin advise to take care of herself Anotherside in the Palace Nadira offer’s namaz and Prays to God about Moiz’s success and Razia’s failure.Turkan too prays..
Mirza gives food to Poor people,One beggar tells Mirza that his wishes are always there with him,Mirza tells to wish Razia as she is responsible for this charity,Turkan sees and laughs..Moizuddin tells Razia that he cannot go further Razia tells to think about his mother Runuddin tells that life is important more than

anyone,Iqbal tells they will go back,Razia explains them tells that they cannot back as people have hopes with them,Moizuddin tells no..Razia tells she will go first and all three of them follow her,Moizuddin tells first time she said something good..Ruknuddin tells he to agrees,Razia goes..
Shamshad tells Altamash that she is worried as Razia went alone with no weapons,Altamash tells that he is King and have to think about all, Shamshad request Altamash to send some help to Razia,Altamash tells that Razia is not weak and he already took this decision and will never change that..Razia goes but insect bites her,Ruknuddin comes and kill it..Razia thanks him and tells that she feels safe between all brother’s..Ruknuddin,Iqbal and Moizuddin sees each other and smiles(EVIL),Razia moves and falls into a dump..
Razia calls for help,Three of them comes..Ruknuddin feels pity and tells that his sister is too innocent,Moizuddin tells that she dont even know to trust enemies..Iqbal tells that it was their trap and she falled in that,Razia tells that they have killed her directly as she dont even have weapon,Ruknuddin takes out sword and tells wanted to see her in pain..Slowly slowly she will be killed and after few days Altamsah will join her,Razia gets furious and shouts..He tells one day all will die and today is Razia’s day..Iqbal,Moizuddin and Ruknuddin laughs..She throws sand and manages to escape,Ruknuddin tells Iqbal and Moizuddin to search her,Razia sits on a tree..Ruknuddin says its difficult to escape and will be better If She surrender..Ruknuddin stands near the tree while Razia is at the top..

Precap::Razia’s foot is injured and drop of Blood falls on Ruknuddin,Turkan advise Mirza to learn Cooking as Razia will never return,Mirza Promises that If Razia would not return safely then Ruknuddin would not be alive

Update Credit to: Ansari

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