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Razia is devasted by knowing the truth,Altamash sees her and tell to come near,Razia hugs Altamash..Razia cries and sees his father,Altamash asks what happened She says that she is Sad as going Far,Altamash tells that he should be worried as she is going Far with no weapon”s,Razia tells that his father wishes are the biggest weapon for her..Razia shows the sword and tells that Mirza secretly given her..
Altamash tells that Razia is too clean with heart he wanted to make her Ruler of Sultan directly and is very lucky to have a daughter like her,Razia cries and tells herself that she is lucky has got a father like this,Mirza gives a map to Razia but to shocked to see her upset Anotherside Uzma tells Iqbal to eat at time and take care of himself,Turkan encourages Ruknuddin..
Ruknuddin tells that Razia will leave safely but will not come,Turkan tells Uzma and Nadira that their enemy is same..Turkan,Nadira and Uzma shake hands..Mirza asks Razia why she is upset,Razia tells is concerned about father..Mirza asks that.she came to know the truth,Razia ask why did he hide,Mirza replies that Altamash promised him and promises that he will take care of him,Mirza tells to succeeded and come,Razia nodes her head..Razia,Iqbal,moizuddin and Ruknuddin sits on horse and leaves for Baluchistan to catch Yaqut,Mirza Draws something Fathima asks about the picture,Mirza says that since childhood picture’s haunting him,
Yaqut is shown from.back One messenger tells yaqut that four contender’s from Delhi arriving to catch him..Yaqut tells that all of them are coming to.meet their death

Precap::Shamshad request Altamash to help Razia and send some help whereas Ruknuddin,Iqbal,Moizuddin makes a plan against Razia

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