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The episode starts with Mirza Althunia following Razia. He thinks he will get her truth out, but Razia throws stell billets on tree and makes its branches fall in Mirza’s way to stop him. Mirza stops and thinks she must have gone to palace and he will confront her there.

Razia reaches palace and hides seeing joker Ruknuddin and his puppet soldier. She hears Ruknuddin discussing that some traitor must be trying to gain people’s confidence, but he will give him a torturing death. Turkan searches Razia’s room and shouts at servants. She shouts that she will make Razia her servant. Razia hears her shout and runs in. Mirza hears turkan’s shout and thinks Razia is seen by her enemies before friend, not to worry he will rescue her. He then is shocked to see Razia coming

towards him in princess clothes and thinks he is just imagining her due to his love for her. She comes near him and asks if he fed Yasir and passes.

Turkan stops her and asks where was she. She asks if she wants to break fast seeing her. Turkan gets irked and shouts how dare she is to misbehave with her. She says she is her servant and should apologize. Sultan Yaldos comes and asks who dare she is to misbehave with princess Razia who is his would be queen. Turkan gets tensed and says she was teaching Razia manners. Yaldos says a pr*stitute dancer wants to teach manners now. He apologizes Razia on turkan’s behalf and says he has guests attending and she should be present with him. Turkan asks servant if Razia knows cooking. Servant says she cannot even boil water. Turkan tells Yaldos that she heard Altamash praising Razia’s cuisine. Yaldos orders Razia to prepare food for his guests then. pr*stitute Turkan laughs at Razia and asks servant to show her kitchen.

Ruknuddin jokes reaches town with his puppet soldiers and asks people to tell who is their savior and warns them that he will kill everyone if they don’t. He shouts that he is their sultan now. An old lady asks him to stop being in a disbelief as Altamash is their sultan and if he tries to trouble them or their children, their savior whom they call sultan will come back. They come near him to beat him and he runs towards his horse.

Razia tries to cut vegetable in kitchen. Servant shows her how to cut it. Shazia sees her and tells pr*stitute Turkan insulted Shamshad today and made her work like a servant. Razia angrily picks knife but stops reminiscing Shamshad’s promise. She thinks if not princess Razia, sultan can teach Turkan a lesson.

Precap: Razia and Althunia’s nok jhok continues in kitchen. Turkan tells Ruknuddin that they will have to erase Qutub shahi dynasties all evidences including monuments and coins and start with destroying qutub minar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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